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Buying a Smartphone always comes with one year warranty and beyond this time, you are left with your device on your own. Although some leading producers offer extendable warranty plans still theft and damage by liquids cannot be covered under such warranty plans. Keeping the demand of customers on the mind, a new insurance niche has been developed in the form of Gadget Insurance.

iPhone Insurance

Here is the list of 4 startup warranty extension providers out of which you can choose the one that suits well as per your conditions-

Warranty is a well-known insurance provider which is really a little complicated due to policies and terms. For instance, the company won’t assist you in any manner if the screen or touch display of the device undergoes damage during the first fortnight of the purchase.

Insurance claims are decided on the basis of a number of days the handset has been used. In this way, when the user claims for damage within 15 days of purchase, Warrantyasia offers 75 percent of repairing fees if components are repairable and 65 percent of the handset price if components cannot be repaired. In case the device is stolen, the Warrantyasia pays 55 percent of price on the basis of FIR copy.

Syska Gadget Secure

Working mainly for premium Gadget Secure services, the company secures your device against theft, burglary, accidental damages, fire damages, and fluid damage. Syskagadgetsecure has started an insurance niche for mobiles recently. Apart from this, they offer good antivirus solutions and free delivery of the device to your home after repairing if applicable.

In order to govern their insurance plans for smartphones, they have developed a list of policies; this policy list also involves exclusion of those conditions under which your device will not be eligible for warranty.

There are five different plans are based upon the cost of the devices. The maximum cost of the insurance plan is 1999 per year which is applicable in smartphones of price range between 25K to 60K INR.


OnsiteGo offers extended warranty and comprehensive insurance for digital cameras, laptops, smartphones and tablets. Insurance niche for laptops is totally different here which bears a fully different list of terms and regulations. OnsiteGo mainly focuses on insurance of smartphones and other gadgets.

The insurance over by this company involves touch screen, hardware failure, errors in WiFi camera. Being specialized in onsite services they pick defects in devices and get them repaired by authorized service centers.


This warranty extender is among those first Indian service providers who offer comprehensive cover for electronic gadgets. The plan mainly focuses on smartphones. Theft, accidental damage, extended warranty, and value-added services are offered by this service provider. Under the extended warranty plan, the warranty of your device can be extended up to one year for the next two years bearing all the profits of mobile insurance plans.

Insurance schemes offered by Gadgetcops does not involve theft and damage recovery to accessories such as hands-free, mounting kits, charger, battery, body cover, and mobile charger. Also, damage to the device due to animals and natural disasters are not entertained by this warranty extender.

This is all about the leading warranty extenders for smartphones and other gadgets.

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