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Effective communication skillsEffective communication skills

It is very difficult for a blogger to decide on how much of his personal life he wants to share with the general public or just remain a pseudonym that no one can trace. Most of the blogger’s blog using their personal social media accounts and open their lives to general readers. How to make money writing an anonymous Blog?

If you are generating revenue out of writing a blog, then sharing your personal views and the sense of community play a bigger role at growing a blog and making money. The question however remains how comfortable you are sharing your personal details on a public viewing platform.

Be a Successful Anonymous Blogger

Your mind could be debating on a subject that you have to let out and have not been able to do it on a personal front with peers and family. If you want your inner voice to be heard through your words, you can be a successful anonymous blogger. Hide your identity and keep an eye on common blogging mistakes, to avoid revealing your true identity.

Can an anonymous blog be successful? Before that you need to understand why you have chosen to remain anonymous and yet express yourself to everyone. There could be work conflicts, you might want to be private about your identity, in order to safeguard your existence, discussing sensitive ideas, and most of all it is a platform where you can completely express yourself without any inhibitions.

Permission to be Open and Honest

Anonymous bloggers generally hide their true identities so that their employers do not identify them. There could be a non-disclosure policy in a company on some matters that are work-related and should not be expressed publicly. However, if you are not revealing your own identity, how can you connect with people and share your personal views with them.

You could use a fake name that is obvious to the people in your life circle. Even though the bloggers are not targeted for crimes, social media trolls are a constant threat looming over them. If you are a supporter of anonymous blogging, you have to be extra careful while sharing a picture on your blog to maintain the secrecy.

Social Media Harassment

Can anonymous blog posts be traced? There are lots of social media operators who believe in digitally harassing bloggers by leaving hateful comments and remarks on their blogs. If you are blogging anonymously, your personal name and identity can be shielded from them while they target only your blog name. Sometimes there are many pressing issues in the minds of a blogger of which he could be scared of, embarrassed, or ashamed.

Usually emotional issues like suicide, rape, domestic abuse, drugs and the like are run by anonymous bloggers. Even though anonymous bloggers choose a fake name, they still try to make it a common sounding one. The real-life experiences may feel easily explainable by staying behind the curtains.

Where to start an anonymous blog?

Successful blogs get about a few hundred thousand viewers a month, so encountering someone you know from the real world may stand a low chance. You can freely express your real life stories, with real people and connect with them under a fake name. If you are blogging anonymously, you do not have to take up a completely fake personality or lie about yourself all the time. Most of the anonymous bloggers share their real life experiences just under a different name; the stories and narratives about themselves are truly genuine. Their blog still has a personal feel minus privacy issues.

Side Effects of Anonymity

How to post an anonymous blog? An anonymous blogger has a hard time building digital traffic since the secretive identity does not allow friends and family to popularize the blog. Usually at the beginning of blogging, one only finds these supporters really reading the blogs. Since you will not get that first emotional support from your personal network, you have to look for other ways to become a popular blogger. You can start by writing a guest post a week or publishing promotional posts on popular social media platforms. Do not be disheartened if your blog does not become a blockbuster overnight.

While expressing yourself anonymously is quite self-relieving, it comes with its own downsides. If you are not open with your blog readers, the community cannot build as quickly as in revealed identity. Sometimes your social media accounts could betray you and reveal your picture or profile to someone known, which could result in a breach of trust on your part with a loved one. Anonymous blogging will also disable the sharing of your blog success with your friends and family, who actually matter. Your personality and personal stories stand you out from the crowd; hence express them effectively to your readers.

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