How to Boot Your Android Phone in Safe Mode for Easy Troubleshooting

Guide on how to Boot Android phone in Safe Mode for Easy Troubleshooting and fix common Android issues.

With over 10,000 apps and games available in Google Play Store, people tend to download some misbehaving apps in the Android device. These apps may cause your Android phone to freeze, hang or crash and when the user wants to uninstall them, they do not get uninstalled easily. Thanks to the safe mode boot up feature of the Android Operating systems by which the users can also start the phone in safe mode and uninstall the app from the settings screen.Android logoAndroid logo

Android Phone Safe Mode

The purpose to start your Android phone in safe mode is same as that of your computer. When the processor is started in Safe Mode, it does not boots up the third party applications, helping the user to uninstall any unwanted apps which is otherwise not possible in normal mode.  Given below are some of the steps to boot your Android phone in Safe Mode. Unfortunately, this feature varies from one model to another and from one version to another.

For all the users who have older versions of Android OS (versions older than Jelly Bean OS), the following procedure is required to be followed –

  1. Power off the phone by long pressing the Power button.
  2. Take the battery out and place it again inside the slot (just do it to be on safer side).
  3. Now Power on the phone again and when your phone is booting up, press the Volume Up and Down buttons simultaneously and keep them pressed till the phone boots up.
  4. Once the phone boots up, you will see a Safe Mode watermark at the bottom left corner of the screen.

However, the procedure is different for the Jelly Bean Android users. They need to follow the following simple procedure.

  1. Press the Power off key of your phone.
  2. A screen will appear with option to Power off option. Just long press the Power off option.
  3. Android will show a dialog box asking the user to reboot into Safe Mode.
  4. Press OK and the phone will be started in Safe Mode with the same screen as described above.

Keep trying the above methods alternatively as sometimes Jelly Bean OS also can be restarted using the earlier method. Few of the phones like Driod Razr, Nexus One, HTC, Motorola Droid have some other ways to restart the phone in Safe Mode.

Once your phone has entered into Safe Mode, your apps can be easily uninstalled. Just do it in the same way you have tried in the normal mode. If the problem is still not resolved, go to back and reset and tap the Factory data reset option. Once you are done with troubleshooting, restart the phone by just powering off and on. Your phone is now ready to be used as usual.

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