Best Solitaire Rings to Seal the Promise of Love

solitaire ringssolitaire rings

The solitaire diamond is a classic design for an engagement ring. Although diamond rings come in various styles, the solitaire has an eternal element that makes it universally enticing as the ultimate symbol of love.

The ring has two parts, a diamond, and a setting. Both the diamond and settings vary with one’s taste and budget. Typically, solitaire rings come in metals like gold or platinum. This article will highlight factors based on which you can decide the best solitaire ring for your loved one, to seal the promise of love.

Exquisite Diamonds from Around the World

Diamonds come in various sizes, colors, and quality. Few countries, such as Russia, Botswana, Australia, and South Africa, produce some of the top-rated diamonds. Go for diamonds from these countries to ensure guaranteed standards for your ring.

Aspects to Look for While Selecting the Best Solitaire

Four key elements decide the quality of a solitaire.

  • Cut: The cut of a solitaire defines the superiority of the diamond. These cuts are of various types, like round, oval, and princess. The brilliant the cut, the radiant the diamond looks.
  • Clarity: Diamonds have internal and external imperfections, influencing the clarity of a diamond. One must choose a diamond with high clarity grade, meaning those with fewer blemishes.
  • Color: The colorless diamonds are the most exquisite and expensive among all the variants.
  • Carat: The carat measures the solitaire weight. It has a notable impact on the price of the ring.

Check for the valid certificate for the diamond and always go to a reputed dealer or retailer, while choosing the best solitaire ring.

Elegant Diamond Shapes for a Solitaire Ring

You can decide the style of solitaire rings, based on the diamond shape. Some of the trendy solitaire diamond shapes are listed below.

  • Round: This is the most popular one with a brilliant cut. It goes well with any outfit and occasion.
  • Oval: This is more elongated, with an enhanced vintage look. The stone looks longer, making it more appealing.
  • Princess-Cut: It has a square cut. It looks very sophisticated and aristocratic.
  • Emerald-Cut: Here, the diamond has a rectangular step cut with parallel facets, giving a magnificent shimmering look.
  • Cushion-Cut: It has a square pillow shaped diamond, popular among celebrities.
  • Marquise: The diamond has a curving, elongated shape with a round center and pointed ends, giving it a very upscale look.

Optimum Solitaire Ring Setting Designs

Once you decide the diamond shape, choose a suitable setting to complete the splendid look of the ring. Some options available are prong, bezel, and tension. Make sure the setting you want keeps the diamond as the focal point, secures the diamond effectively, and requires simple maintenance.

Customizing Your Solitaire Ring

You can alter your ring settings according to your preferences, at cheap rates. There are techniques to customize the settings to accommodate a bigger diamond, maintaining the same polish, and finishing as the original ring.

To summarize, the best solitaire rings are known for holding the epitome of elegance and tradition. These rings symbolize eternal and indestructible partnership between two lovers.

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