Best Softball Glove for Infielder

Softball Glove for InfielderSoftball Glove for Infielder

In softball games, the fielder has the responsibility to keep the defense strategy strong. Keeping that in mind, a fielder must be mentally attentive and should wear the right size of softball glove. These gloves help them in catching the ball that actually determines the fate of the game. If the catch is dropped, then the player has to face the consequences.

Therefore, it is crucial to have the right softball glove to avoid any mishaps. However, if you are a beginner and want to buy the Best softball glove for infielder then the following guide will certainly assist you. Here you shall find the aspects which can be helpful in selecting the best product.

Moreover, some of the best softball gloves for infielder are also been showcased for you to choose.

Buyer’s Guide: The Best Softball glove for Infielder

You must look up for the respective qualities before delving yourself into buying the softball glove. Following qualities shall assist you in choosing the appropriate glove for the game.

1.      Leather

The quality of the leather is analyzed by the price a glove has to offer. Good quality leather is expensive but they stay durable for a long period of time. Hence, it would be smart to spend money on a product that lasts longer than the cheaper one that tear off easily.

Most of the cheap leather gloves are composed of synthetic material, so to avoid hand injuries kindly invest carefully.

2.      Comfort

Comfort is the essential quality you must look for in the glove. They will keep you focused on the game rather than you keep adjusting the glove. Many gloves tend to make the hands sweat a lot which can make them slip away. So, get the gloves that can wick the moisture away.

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3.      Webbing

The preference for the kind of webbing depends on the requirements of the player. For instance, some players prefer widely opened glove that makes it easier for them to catch the ball on the run.

On the other hand, the infielders aggrandize pocket shaped webbing of their glove. This helps them to easily transfer the ball.

4.      Size

The size is yet another important factor to consider. The players must wear a glove that correctly fit their hands. But the preference of the size differs on the basis of positioning. For example, outfielders like better large gloves. On the contrary, the infielders opt for lighter and small gloves.

Difference between Mitts and Gloves

People often use the words mitts and gloves interchangeably, however, both differ in size and usage. The mitts are specially designed for second base and catch positioners. Also, mitts with the shovel-like design are helpful in scooping balls in the dirt.

The major difference between mitts and glove is that the mitts are one contagious piece of leather while gloves have individual fingers stalls.

Here are the best softball gloves for infielder;

1.     Rawlings Playmaker Series 13 Inch Softball Glove

Providing long-term durability and comfort, the Rawlings Playmaker Series 13 Inch Softball Glove is the best quality gloves. They have a unique Neo-Flex conventional open back design and a Pro H web design which offers exceptional catching performance.

The 80 percent of the break has been done by the manufacturer which has reduced break-in time of this glove. You only have to break in 20 percent of the glove.

2.     Louisville Slugger 33 Inch FG M2 Softball Catcher’s Mitt

The Louisville Slugger has been the most reputable company since the 1880s. They manufacture products specifically for baseball and softball game equipment. Keeping that in view, Louisville Slugger 33 Inch FG M2 Softball Catcher’s Mitt is composed of high-grade oil-treated leather. This makes them break and molded according to your hand quickly.

For better handling of the glove, this product is being sized as 33 inches. Resultantly, provides maximum comfort in catching the fast-moving balls. Furthermore, this product is combined with a deep pocket, narrow finger stalls and a small wrist opening.


The baseball and softball are commonly played in the US. It not only requires physical fitness but also adheres to have mental fitness to become a good player. That is only possible when the player is well-trained and provided all the essential equipment that can provide comfort.

To avoid getting distracted during the game it is important for the fielders to wear the right kind of softball glove. Resultantly, it can help them in catching the balls with ease. So, if you want to buy the Best softball glove for infielders, we have enlisted some of the best products above.

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