Here is What You Should Know About Amber Teething Necklaces!

Amber Teething NecklacesAmber Teething Necklaces

Are you a parent to a toddler experiencing teething pain? Are you tempted to try any product that has words like calming, natural, soothing and gentle on your baby? However, you need to be careful as some are marketing strategies for companies to penetrate the target audience. The safety of your child should come first while contemplating to use any item that companies advertise. There are trendy teething products that one ought to think twice before buying. Below we highlight factors that you should watch out for.

  1. Are they a choking hazard

A teething child tends to put anything and everything in their mouth. Some of these products pose a threat to the life of a child. As they are potential choking hazards. Items such as amber teething necklace are used under close parental supervision.

  1. The necklace shouldn’t be worn in bed

Babies wear an amber teething necklace with one single strand on the neck. Sometimes it might be too tight for the toddler and thus shouldn’t be worn to bed at all cost.  A toddler can be strangled by the piece of necklace and this does not end well.

  1. How to take care of a child’s necklace

Amber bead necklace has to be taken care to make sure it’s effective. As a parent, you should avoid exposing amber beads to lotions, chemicals, and polish. As they tend to leave a residue on the beads. This includes shampoos and all kinds of soap. However, you can gently wash the necklace with warm water

  1. How to find a real amber necklace

In this time of age, you can’t be too sure about a product. There is a lot of counterfeit material which may pose harm to your baby. To decide if the amber teething necklace is genuine you can use two ways. The first is placing the necklace against some source of heat. You should smell some pine due to the release of the oils. The second, rub your child’s necklace against a piece of cloth and see if causes to become static enough to pick a piece of paper. The static nature increases the chances of you to have a real amber necklace.

  1. When the necklace is worn

Teething generally progresses until a child is 3 years. It’s safe to say that a child can continue wearing their necklaces until that time. However, they can still be worn beyond this time as they have an aesthetic value.  What is the safest time to begin using this necklace? It’s safe to say that one should start using the Baltic amber necklace when the child is below 4 months. This is to make them accustomed to wearing the necklace. A child at 4 month experiences oral stage and is likely to place the necklace in their mouth which is not safe. It is a choking hazard.

  1. How tight should an amber necklace be?

The standard length of a necklace is about 12.6 inches or 32 centimeters.  This fit shouldn’t be too tight to cause discomfort to your child instead of soothing them. However, if you find the piece is too long where a child can bite or tangled, you should adjust it to the correct size to make sure you keep up safety.


You can easily buy an amber necklace online. Select among the various designs according to taste and preference. However, be keen on the items highlighted above to enable you to decide if the necklace is for your child or not!

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