Services Delivering Your Halal Meal Plan at Your Doorstep

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There are times when you just don’t want to cook. After having a hectic day at the office, I want to spend the rest of the time in the kitchen. I guess no one. So there must be food delivering services that provide delicious food as well as health-friendly food. Though Singapore has enriched cuisine with a lot of food options but a huge chunk of people living in Singapore prefer Halal food.

If you are currently living in Singapore and looking for halal food delivery then there are many options.

Hundreds of food delivery services are providing the best and cheap rates. And you get food at your step. Here I have selected the top halal food delivery services in Singapore. 

Let’s have a look at some famous names –

Yolo Food:

Now there is no need to gather different ingredients on your kitchen table, neither you should worry about washing the dishes after the meal. Because Yolo food is here to serve you best and healthy meals at your doorstep. Yolo food is one of the best halal food delivering service in Singapore. Here at yolo food, you can simply order a bowl full of taste as well as nutrition. Yolo food has no compromise over the quality of food and ingredients used in its preparation.

This food delivery service also allows you to create your own bowl of happiness. You can add anything that you want to have in a meal. Also, yolo food is very much in budget. So if you want some happy and healthy food right now order it from Yolo food Singapore.

Deliveroo Singapore:

Deliveroo Singapore is the halal food delivery service in Singapore. This service was once started in London and now you can avail it in Singapore as well. Deliveroo is famous for its quick service and mouth-watering healthy foods.

It has a huge variety of vegetable and meat dishes. Also, you can choose any fast food item as well as burgers or snacks. The maximum delivery time of delivery is 32 minutes. I am sure once you have ordered food from this service, you would have everything the quality of food, packaging, and garnishing. This foodservice is easy on pockets as well.


You must have heard the name of FoodPanda. It is one of the very first independent food delivery services. Now food panda is providing its services in more than 40 countries of the world and Singapore is one of them.

Quality food at your doorstep and within budget, what else do you want. FoodPanda is a halal food delivery service that has a separate fan base. It is trusted by most people because of its quick service and variety of dishes. The maximum delivery time is 30 minute and the service is available 24/7.


The grain is the food delivery service that has proved it works through hard work. Grain has its own chefs, menu, rides, and kitchen. Their menu is quite versatile. You ca1 n get almost everything that is healthy and flavor enriched. Grain value healthy diet meals, so all ingredients used in their foods are healthy and tasty. They have zero-tolerance when it comes to their quality. The food delivery time is approximately 1 hour because they prepare their own meals. The minimum order should be $20. So if you are looking for some healthy and tasty food within your budget Grain is the best place for you.

So here are some of the best halal food delivery Services in Singapore. These food services are not only best in delivering food at your doorstep quickly but also ensure a healthy meal that has a lot of health benefits.

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