Wooden Christmas Ornaments

Wooden Christmas OrnamentsWooden Christmas Ornaments

A decorated Christmas tree is an earnest and joyful motion of the Christmas season. During the Christmas season, attractive Christmas ornaments are easily attainable in the marketplaces. However, the real delight lies in creating this Christmas stuff at home. Whether you are looking for wooden Christmas tree ornaments or vintage wooden Christmas ornaments, we have discussed them here and how you can do it at your home too. So, are you ready to explore this new topic! Alright then! Let’s begin.

Wooden Christmas Ornaments:

Pinecone Christmas expertise is very easy and amusing. One can create elf ornaments, cute angel ornaments, and a range of other adorable ornaments using pinecones. There are various thoughts for creating the ornament.

The materials required to make a pinecone angel ornament include a medium pinecone, about half-inch in size a wooden bead, 1 silver or 1 gold pipe cleaner, 2 silver or 2 gold foil leaves, and a glue gun or stick.

The procedure is really simple and relish, just paint the whole wooden bead, paint the nose and eyes of the angel as per your wish. Then attach the bead to the bottom end. Make a little circle out of a 2” pipe cleaner.

In order to create the angel’s wings, stick the leaves on both sides and then join the metallic string at the back and top of the pinecone. A hanging loop will be formed by this.

Another wooden Christmas ornament that you can make at home is clothespin Christmas ornaments. Using the wooden clothespins easily available in the markets, a wide range of Christmas ornaments can be created.

Materials that you can use include:

  • Wooden rounded clothespins
  • Black pen
  • Fabric scraps
  • Lace scraps
  • Glue
  • Ribbons
  • Floss or thread
  • The Operandi

Wooden Christmas Ornaments:

Follow the steps mentioned below in order to make Christmas Wooden Ornaments

  1. Make faces with the black pen in the circular area of your clothespins.
  2. Using the fabric scraps you have, make some nice dresses for your clothespins. With the pieces of scrap, make some hats and strips. Stick the lace scraps for the clothespins with the help of glue.
  3. Tag threads or floss onto the clothespins for ornaments’ hair, using glue, and let it dry.
  4. Take a few fragments of ribbon, and knot each edge of the ribbon. Bind these at the backside of the clothespin ornaments and let them dry.
Home made Christmas Tree

At last, hang your wooden clothespin decorations on your Christmas tree and that’s all about the Wooden Christmas Ornaments home made.

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