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Writing Tips for StudentsWriting Tips for Students

English Essays are a mandatory part of the social studies exam. For a student to write a strong essay, you need a theoretical basis on the subject, readability, the ability to observe and comprehend the social processes taking place around, as well as the ability to express the thoughts in writing.

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Do My Homework for Me: The Structure of the Essay

  • Disclosure of the problem;
  • Arguments for or against – theoretical and factual;

Disclosure of the Problem

This is the most important condition for successful essay writing. You need to correctly identify the problem that is identified in the topic and clearly state what it is.

Take the following statement as an example of a topic for an essay: “Society defines not only what we do, but also what we are” (P. Berger).

To reveal the problems means to determine what the author of the quote wanted to say. To understand this, put yourself in the author’s shoes and assume that you said so. And then ask yourself why you said it, for what reasons, and what exactly you wanted to convey with this statement.

In this case, the author speaks of such a problem as socialization. It is a process of personality formation, assimilation of culture, and values ​​of the society in which a person exists. The author draws our attention to the fact that without the society that surrounds us, we cannot become full-fledged people. What we become in the process of socialization is largely determined by society. And in this sense, society is what we are.


Theoretical argumentation. These are the theoretical positions of social science that you use to explain your view of the problem.

Thoughts, sayings, ideas of thinkers of the past, which are related to the problem, can also be used as theoretical arguments.

In this case, you can write that, according to the theory of social science, man is a biosocial being. Man has both a biological and social nature. The biological part brings us closer to animals, the social part is what society makes us. Consequently, a person becomes a person in the process of socialization.

Another version of the theoretical argument: “The ancient Greek scientist Aristotle called the man a political, that is, a social animal. A person can live only in society, outside society – he is nobody. Society creates man.”

Actual argumentation. These are specific examples from various spheres of public life, the media, from your personal experience, from cinema or from literature.

In this case, you can use the example of Mowgli children as an argument. This is a well-known and well-studied phenomenon documented dozens of cases where kids for some reason were raised wild animals from infancy. This example illustrates the problem you posed at the beginning of the essay – a person is shaped by the society in which he lives.

It is good if you give an example from the literature that reveals the problem.

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Useful Tips

  1. Observe the division into paragraphs. It is desirable to reveal the problem in one paragraph, consisting of 3-5 sentences. Next, follow the rule: one argument – one paragraph. The conclusion is also made in a separate paragraph.
  2. You may disagree with the author in the statement of the problem, but in this case, your arguments must confirm your position.
  3. The structure of the essay should be logical and consistent, the problem – to relate to the wording of the topic, arguments – to reveal exactly the problem that you have identified, and the conclusion – to summarize all of the above.
  4. Follow the rules of grammar, syntax, stylistics of the English language, avoid speech errors, and incorrect word usage. If you are not sure that you are using the word in place, it is better to reformulate the sentence or ask a helpline tutor from AssignCode for help.


As a conclusion, it is appropriate to discuss the significance of the problem, its relevance, and the consequences of ignoring various aspects of the problem. Society can be encouraged to pay more attention to the problem or to assess the importance of studying it.

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