Prepare Yourself for PARCC Assessment with Practice Tests Online

PARCC Assessment with Practice Tests OnlinePARCC Assessment with Practice Tests Online

Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers in short PARCC is a consortium of states developing an assessment to check the readiness of a student for their college and career and check the knowledge in English Language Arts ELA, Literacy, and Mathematics for grade 3 to 8 and high school. The main objective of PARCC is to provide a high-quality assessment of the students to make them prepare for their career and future.

The test questions are innovative are designed by a great number of educators to calculate the skills of students in the various areas like conducting research, apply knowledge to solve a problem, essential thinking, and ability to master the academic content.

Practice Tests for PARCC

Our hard work and practice never goes on vain and always reflects on the result. The more you practice the more you grow and also able to analyze your weakness and strength. Practice tests are designed to get you accustomed to the actual exam pattern. And in this article we will be going through PARCC Assessment with Practice tests online, where they’re administered, what the test is all about and how to prepare for it.

As you know the PARCC stands for the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers. 

Before starting PARCC Tests make sure you have Proper Tools

PARCC Tests are administered online but there is also, paper and pencil version available for the schools that not prepared for the computer-based versions. So before starting the test you should have these tools:

  • Right Device and Browser: Make sure that you have the right device and browser to take the practice tests because PARCC Tests are not compatible with the all the devices.
  • Take the Quick Tutorials: Quick tutorials will help you to know about the test question and pattern of the actual exam, also you will understand about the proper navigation of the through the test’s question.
  • Paper Practice Tests: Try out a paper practice tests and find the main page of the practice tests to try. Just you need to view or print the PDF to take this practice test.

Two Best PARCC practice tests platforms:

The two authentic and well-known practice platforms to take practice tests are PrepAway and Items released from PARCC Assessment.

PrepAway a well-known PARCC practice tests platform. It’s a web-based tech platform that displays sample questions and practice tests items in ETE format and is a great help for the students, and educators to successfully complete PARCC assessment. The resources provided by PrepAway are accessed by candidates, parents, teacher, authors and textbook publishers to know more about PARCC Assessment and raise the awareness about it.

It includes technology-based services and products for complete assessment solutions.

  • The tests are powered on the single online platform;
  • Both paper testing and online activities are effectively managed;
  • For high adaptability, one can interface with the other systems as well;
  • Builds a link between teaching, testing, and learning with a speedy result of the tests;
  • You will fully customize the assessment process.
  • Download Practice Questions from here

Items released from PARCC Assessment for practice tests. Another best and trusted platform to take practice tests for PARCC Assessment is itself the Items released from PARCC Assessment. They release the items from current and recent year’s PARCC assessment for the teachers to improve their classroom teaching and learning experience. The tools provided by them are very helpful to both the teachers and students, and also help to spur the student’s achievement and success.

The materials that are included in released items are guides to scoring, scoring rubrics, answer keys, released items sets, standards alignment, and student’s response – scored and annotated. In the Partner Resource Center anyone can find a significant number of questions and support instructional resources. These sample questions will help the students for exploring more about PARCC Assessment and to check their preparation status.

Necessary skills for PARCC Assessment

The following are the necessary skills for the PARCC Assessment:

Compatible and comfortable with devices

Make sure that the student who is going to take PARCC Assessment has the basic knowledge to operate the device in which they are going to take the actual PARCC Assessment.

It will be better to test on the same device before the exam, so avoid any inconvenience during the actual test. In some schools, assessment is taken on desktops while some takes on iPads, so students must know the troubleshooting tricks.

Can use the device for a long

A student should be well-versed with the device on which they will take the assessment and can sit with it for 1 hour or more. This will prepare them to take effectively manage the time while sitting for a long in the actual exam. This will help to build stamina and prepare them for the better exam.

Know the technology-based question

To take PARCC Assessment students need to perform the basic activities on the device they will take PARCC Assessment. While taking PARCC evaluation they have to perform some tech specific activities like drag and drop, fill in the boxes, select or deselect, proper use of an online calculator, activation of video, how to use drop down menu and more.

Sound knowledge of using the keyboard

Students should know the basic functions of the keys on the keyboard because the assessment like free-form essays and short question answer types needs typing on the keyboard. The functions students need to perform include keyboard’s letter, delete, scroll, space bar, etc.

Types of questions asked in PARCC Assessment.

There are three types of questions asked in PARCC evaluation. Which are:

  1. EBSR – Evidence-Based-Selected-Response questions
  2. TECR – Technology-Enhanced-Constructed-Response questions, and
  3. PCR – Prose-Constructed-Response

All these types of questions have different formats and have some criteria to score.


PARCC Assessment is a collaborative effort of various states to provide a better learning and teaching environment to both the students and teachers. This will help the students to make a successful career and can check their enthusiasm for career and college.

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