How To Prepare Effectively And Crack JEE Advanced 2020?

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Many aspirants who are planning to appear for the JEE Advanced Entrance exam often ask this question, “how to prepare effectively for JEE?” Well, if you browse through the web you will find a lot of articles talking about the best methods and strategies on how to prepare well. However, in this article, we have carefully selected and put together some of the most useful solutions and strategies that will help you not only help you boost your preparation but they will significantly help you overcome the fear of the exam.

Having said that, good preparation is key or the main ingredient for achieving success in JEE Advanced. You will need to formulate a strong and productive study plan where you will need to develop a smart approach to everything and plan wisely.

Cracking JEE Advanced is not easy. The questions are difficult or tricky and the syllabus is quite vast. Further, you should be academically strong and possess adept problem-solving skills. Therefore, If you are one of the aspirants and looking for guidance on how to prepare and crack JEE Advanced 2020, then we have a solution for you. We have listed out some of the best strategies which you can follow and come closer to achieving your goal. Let’s go through them below.

Change Your Mindset

You must have heard many people say that JEE Advanced is a very tough exam and it is very difficult to crack. This might intimidate you and in some cases, many students even back out because of this reason.

You should just ignore these things and rather be focused on your goal. You need to develop a positive mindset and believe in yourself and your abilities to crack the exam.

Make Long Term Goals

JEE Advanced preparations should begin at least one year prior to main exam day. This means you have to start early and plan for the long term. When you think for the future you will be able to put in your sincere effort and develop a practical study plan wherein you will be able to divide your study time adequately for each subject and you will be able to cover the entire syllabus in time. You will further have enough time for revisions as well.

Study As Per Your Plan And Not By Hours

Studying for hours and hours will not help and it could have some negative impacts. For instance, it could lead to the dullness of the mind and you might develop stress and anxiety.

It is important to study in a planned manner wherein you have should take breaks in between and relax. You should also know that studying for hours is worthless if you do not know how to solve a problem.

Question Paper And Mock Tests Are Saviours

You should get hold of as many JEE question papers as possible. Solve the questions and practice problems. This will help you be familiar with question paper format, the types of questions, marking scheme and more.

Mock tests will further help you gain a real feel of the exams. All these will also help you test your preparation level and identify your weak areas which you can improve upon. Additionally, you can also read through the JEE Advanced paper analysis to get a better idea of the overall exam.

Syllabus is Key For Success

The syllabus is one of the important documents that you should keep close to you. You should always make it a point to read the syllabus as it will help you gain valuable insights about the course objectives, important chapters, and concepts, exam pattern, distribution of marks and more.

Understand The Demands Of The Exam

JEE Advanced exams are basically designed to test your in-depth knowledge of concepts and your problem-solving skills. You should develop a clear understanding of the concepts and avoid rote learning at all cost. Instead, you should focus on enhancing your analyzing and time management skills. These will come in handy during the exams.

These are some of the effective methods which you can apply to prepare well and crack the JEE Advanced exam. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that you have to clear JEE Main first. You can also go through the analysis of jee main question paper to get a better idea of the exam.

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