Vamux Review: The Next Best Amazon Review Network or Not?

Vamux ReviewVamux Review

Amazon, being the king of the e-commerce jungle, every seller under that sky wants to beat their competitors over there. And exchanging legit reviews instead of some perks and reimbursement seems to be a smart and valid way to stand out in the game.

But doing it on your own is almost the last option if you’re the seller itself. And that’s where platforms like Vamux steps in the game.

Vamux is a recently launched review network that has built a solid bridge between Amazon sellers and product users who’ve love to review the products once they’ve bought it.

So, if you’re within any of the two kinds of people, let’s take you through a comprehensive Vamux review before you decide if you’re going to give it a try or now.

Vamux Review: What’s Good About It?

To be honest, Vamux is not based on some groundbreaking idea that no one on green earth hasn’t worked on before. They work on such a business model that is almost crowded and full of heavyweight competitors.

But what stood Vamux out of the crowd is the authenticity and legitimacy they’ve maintained between the product sellers and the reviewers and preserving benefits for both of these parties.

Secondly, the whole process of getting paid reviews from users involved a number of risky phases. And the same might work for the process of earning through reviewing Amazon products as well.

But we just can’t appreciate enough how vamux had made both of the processes leak-proof and consistent.

On the flip side, the price point is a bit higher if you look at it budget-wise. That’s a thing that they’ll bring down in the future, hopefully.

Reasons That Stood Vamux Out from Its Competitors

A Massive Boost on Your Product Sales and Sellership

If you have been an Amazon seller for some time, you might have known how significant those real, verified reviews carry to your product revenue curve. It doesn’t only boost your product’s placement in Amazon’s natural listing. But also it triggers other prospects or potential buyers to purchase your products.

A set of sequential reviews from real users that Vamux commits to provide to your products, can be the driving fuel and the #1 reason behind its success in the coming days.

100% Authentic, Real Buyers/Reviewer

On any marketplace like Fiverr or so, you will get to find tons of gigs where they’ll promise you moons and stars about placing natural, legit reviews for your Amazon products.

But the bitter truth is- almost all of them are either fraud or too risky to hold for long.

They won’t only put your product legitimacy at risk, but also shatter the sellermanship of yours.

On the other hand, we’ve got solid proof of the fact that the pro reviewers who buy products from your store and put reviews on the product pages are super real. They are regular buyers of Amazon products, who just will buy your products with real money for a few of their own benefits.

Hence, all the worries and risks that come with those cheap, fraud services will not be there at all from Vamux.

Super Intuitive User Interface

Not all of the Amazon product sellers are tech geeks. Some of them even might not operate a smartphone at all.

Keeping users of all kinds of expertise in mind, Vamux has been designed with a very intuitive User Interface. And that makes its usability even better than some of the other similar services that we’ve come across lately.

Things to Know If you Want to Become A Pro-reviewer

Being a product reviewer or sampler is quite a popular side source of earning for a decent cut of Amazon customer base. And it’s becoming tougher to sustain in this career as the demand is rising high.

We know that there are a number of ways to become a product reviewer on amazon like-

  1. Becoming a social media influencer and reviewing products
  2. Using Facebook communities and review products
  3. Becoming a member of Amazon Vines and being a Vine reviewer
  4. Being a part of Amazon’s Sample Box program.

But through Vamux, you will be offered the most beneficial and effective way of earning through reviewing Amazon’s program. And to some users’ this way it’s even easier as well.

Steps of Getting Paid From Vamux By Reviewing Amazon’s Products

It might sound very lucrative, but there are actually a number of steps involved to become an earning reviewer through Vamux.

To simplify it, here goes the summary of the process-

  • Step 1: Register on Amazon as a reviewer.
  • Step 2: Pick or claim for a product to review.
  • Step 3: Pay for the product itself and save the invoice.
  • Step 4: Send the invoice to the Vamux system through their Reviewer dashboard.
  • Step 5: Receive the product and leave a review on amazon.
  • Step 6: Get the reimbursement for the product.
  • Step 7: Get an extra $10 for every review you write.

That’s the summary of how a reviewer can keep earning both the product for free and some extra cash as a cherry on the top. Compared to any other reviewer careers available, this is a way more legit one we’d say.

What We Liked About Vamux

  • Great UI and UX.
  • Preserves the rights of both sellers and product reviewers.
  • Ensures 100% legit reviews for the sellers.
  • Being a pro reviewer is rather easier than other platforms.
  • The whole process is quite easy and intuitive.
  • Less complexity for all sorts of users.

What Can Be Improved About Vamux

  • The price point is somewhat higher than many competitors.

Bottom Line

Alright, so that was the complete review about Vamux- the Amazon Review platform.

Don’t go with the hype of calling names of all of the review exchange platforms, and rely on what we’ve found as the solid truth behind vamux. Once you get to grab the right scope, Vamux can be a real game-changer for your dealership on Amazon. In case you’re a user who loves to review, the words are equally applicable to you as well.

To get enrolled into it, either way, Click Here.

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