Toll Free Numbers: Why It’s The Best Communications Solution For Real Estate Businesses

Toll Free NumbersToll Free Numbers

Have you ever considered upgrading your business communication strategies? Most forward-looking enterprises do.

Upgrade has always been part of the real estate industry because most of the business includes being in front of a client. And whether knowingly or unknowingly, people do compare.

And in this business, you only have one chance to impress. Or else, you lose the listing or the buyer. That’s why especially if you’re in this business, it’s very important to always seek new avenues for growth. Learn how to make things that work, work better.

For us, this is precisely why we believe every real estate business needs a toll-free number. It’s a fairly affordable investment as well. Telnum and other providers offer this for a much lower price today than it was when it was first made available decades before.

A quick intro on toll free numbers

If you’re familiar with home shopping, you’re probably well aware of what a toll-free number is and does. It’s those 1-800 numbers that you dial to connect with a company. But even in those days when calling someone was a little pricey, calling was absolutely free.

Gone are the days when only big businesses can use this. As the tech became more affordable, even their smaller counterparts can now afford this. But the established stature that comes with one – established and reliable – still remains.

Why it’s the perfect solution for Real estate Businesses

Although every business that deals substantially with customer support will benefit from getting one, it’s extremely crucial for those specifically in your business. Because t both sides of the transaction (getting listings and selling a home), you’re dealing with a client.

You can use it to streamline communication

With the help of compatible technologies, you can design the user experience to be as much of a breeze as possible. For example, if you’re operating in two different cities, you can design a call menu where the caller would identify which city she wants to buy from.

That way, you can connect her directly with an agent who’s already in her area. Because listings are the bread and butter of the business, you can also direct people calling to have a property listed to the best agent right away.

Of course, moving forward, the agents would have to give their work number. But a toll number is a great entry point to ensure that every person who calls you is taken care of.

It removes hesitations to call

People like spending money, especially if they’re not sure if doing so will come to fruition. For example, someone who’s still in the process of deciding which real estate business to work with won’t like to spend their minutes on a business that isn’t the right fit anyway.

The same goes for buyers. They’re not yet sure whether you have what they’re looking for.

Having this tech on your side helps them go through calling. After all, they’ve got nothing to lose by doing so. And the best thing about it is it doesn’t have to work well to be profitable. Even if you just get one more listing or one more buyer from it, it’s already paid for thousands of times over.

It looks more professional

If you want to set yourself apart from the competition, a 1-800 number will do the trick. It may not be something new or inventive, but it still stands out because no person will get one. And even businesses who will gain from it don’t necessarily have it.

So as part of your building a reputation of reliability, this is a great way to boost their perception of the business. They know that you paid to have this type of number. So to them, it means that you truly pay attention to every query you get.

Tips on making the switch

Convinced on just how useful it would be? Here’s how you make sure that you get the most out of it.


A virtual toll free number is great because any additional feature that you want is made possible with the Internet. And you don’t need any additional equipment to do so! Getting the features you need will help multiply the effectiveness of the switch.

Inform everyone right away

You don’t want anyone associating you with the old number anymore. So for every signage that you have, make sure to replace them all. And for your existing clients, inform them that you’ve changed your number too.

Regular numbers are fine for just one agent, but not for a business where brand matters.

You will need to establish it as a reliable and professional entity that they can count on. For a business that heavily relies on people calling, what better way to do that than with a “flashy” toll free number?

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