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Project management is by far one of the most significant aspects of a successful product launch. Failing to adopt policies that will ensure proper project management may eventually lead to failure. Especially when we talk about distributed teams.

It is encouraging to witness when more and more companies recognize the risks and challenges related to managing distributed teams and take corrective measures. For instance, one of our clients, understanding their lack of experience in managing distributed projects, opted for a BOT cooperation model, reaping numerous advantages for their company. Indeed, identifying the obstacles arising from inadequate management of distributed teams can be difficult. This situation compelled us to take the lead in managing a project where we were initially a secondary provider.

In the article, we are sharing our experience in incorporating team management approaches to minimize the communication gap, hence, helping the client gain the most from working with distributed teams.

About the Client

Our client is a group of experienced digital marketers who established a startup focusing on customer data analytics. Their unique algorithms complemented customer data with missing details, enabling the solution to generate reports on customer personas, demographics, geography, psychographics, and analysis of similar audiences across different regions of the country.

E-commerce sector representatives understand the immense value of such reports, as they facilitate audience segmentation, targeting, and conversion, ultimately defining the potential of any business. With investors’ support, the startup engaged multiple distributed teams for the project, and Agiliway joined three months before the release date, taking charge of developing the data visualization component of the customer data analytics solution.

What Main Challenges Did Our Team Encounter?

Leveraging our extensive experience in data analytics, we swiftly identified the project tasks at hand and began working on them. However, as we delved into the logic of the product that needed implementation, we discovered significant challenges:

  • Teams were failing to meet project deadlines.
  • Distributed teams lacked knowledge about their counterparts’ progress and became aware of delays when it was too late to significantly change the situation.
  • No dedicated project manager overseeing the performance of the distributed teams was assigned and no one was establishing the deadlines or making changes to the overall planning.

Ensuring a timely release of the solution became a paramount challenge. Embodying our core value of going the extra mile, we resolved to do everything possible to achieve the best outcome not only for our team but for the entire project.

What Solutions Were Introduced?

Initially, we conducted a thorough analysis of each team’s strengths, weaknesses, and assigned scope of tasks. This enabled us to identify the main obstacles to task completion and elaborate preventive measures. Our Project Manager, with over 10 years of experience in managing distributed teams, analyzed the project schedule and diligently monitored the development process, intervening as needed.

Additionally, we established continuous information sharing and status updates between the teams using an effective communication model and tools. As a result, all distributed groups of engineers became an integrated part of the team. They gained a vision of the project’s progress, future implementation, milestones, etc. They understood that any delays could impact their own job performance or that of another team, and they were aware of the due dates for the next releases.

Ultimately, a structured process was implemented, ensuring the timely completion of all project tasks in stark contrast to the previously chaotic and disjointed development approach.


In conclusion, the success of any project, especially those involving distributed teams, heavily relies on effective project management. Agiliway’s experience in managing distributed projects allowed us to step up and address the challenges faced by the startup. By implementing proper processes and fostering collaboration between teams, we ensured the timely completion of tasks, leading to a successful product release and investor trust.

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We urge all entrepreneurs to recognize the significance of project management and to adapt management approaches to suit the dynamics of distributed teams. Making informed choices when selecting outsourcing partners can greatly impact the project’s success. As Agiliway demonstrated in this case, the right partner can make all the difference and save the project from potential pitfalls.

At Agiliway, we remain committed to providing superior project management services and delivering exceptional solutions to our clients. If you are facing challenges in managing your distributed projects or require expert guidance, feel free to contact us. Our experienced team is always ready to help and ensure the success of your endeavors. Together, we can achieve great heights in the ever-evolving world of technology and business.

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