5 Best Sites to Create Online Polls & Surveys Online

Create Online Polls sites listCreate Online Polls sites list

Best sites to Create Online Polls: Listed here are the 5 best sites which allow users to create free online polls & surveys online.

Creating opinion polls and surveys are some of the best ways to get quality traffic to your websites or blogs. Raise a common issue, discuss it and ask the visitors to vote for the same. The Internet is considered to be a free media to raise voices and by asking people to vote or participate in surveys, you are just inviting them to be a part of the large audience who have a concern regarding particular issues.

Create Online Polls Sites:

Online surveys are also useful in collecting data from the target audience and become efficient to stand up to their expectations. These online surveys are used by internal management of various corporations to assess the expectations of the employees and whether the company was able to stand up to their expectations. There are many websites which offer free hosting of polls and surveys online.


SurveyMonkey is one of the most popular survey production companies which offer the webmasters and users to create surveys on their website. SurveyMonkey can design the surveys, collect the responses from the target audience, and analyze the collected information with the help of their own analytical tools SurveyMonkey is so popular that leading corporate, HR firms, consultants, etc. use SurveyMonkey for their projects.

Different services used by SurveyMonkey include survey programming and designing, taking surveys on Facebook and telephone and buying the survey responses (in case you are looking for a quick solution for a project). Plan with basic features is offered for free of cost. Free feature is limited to 10 questions and 100 responses per survey. However, if the user is willing to have a plan with unlimited features, he has to shell out a large amount of money.


MicroPoll allows the users to create their own polls, publish them on their blogs/websites, get responses and analyze the results on the websites. The website provides a customized look and feels attributes. It provides the users with an option for a different title text and a different background. The poll border color can also be selected differently. The webmasters or bloggers have an option to select the type of answer from Radio Button, Checkbox, and Drop-downs. The poll statistics are based on various criteria, location and time being some of the main criteria.

Most interestingly, MicroPoll offers free offers to their customers, which mean the user, can set up unlimited polls and limited APIs for free of cost. However, the advanced versions are expensive and come at a premium. The users can get the maximum benefits out of their features.

Poll Maker

Creating a live poll for your website has been made easy with Poll Maker. It is a free website but offers the users to receive an unlimited number of responses. Poll Maker creates a platform which helps in making a competitive poll questionnaire. Interesting fact about this poll creation is that the user is not required to do any kind of signup. It is completely free and very easy to use. To create a poll, the user is required to go to the Poll Maker homepage and type the question and answer and click on “Get Poll Now”. A poll code will be created which can be easily copied and pasted into websites, blogs or Facebook. There are unlimited responses which can be received in the polls. There are different themes to apply.


EasyPolls is another website which offers free online polls without signup. For creating a poll, just visit the homepage of the website and go to the question tab. Just type the question text and the choices. Select the poll designs from the template and customize it as per the requirement.

Select the layout, chart options and any other poll options which are required. The preliminary option is available free of cost; however, the premium option is available for a cost. A premium option has features like IP filtering, location tracking and completely ad-free. The cost of the polls, however, is just 99 cents per poll.


PollSnack is one of the best online polls in the market. The poll creation is so easy that the users do not need to learn any complicated software. PollSnack allows the users to customize the look of poll and survey widgets. The users can create polls and surveys in any language. The polls created can be embedded on any website or blog. The data can be securely stored for an indefinite time and it can be exported as CSV.

Interestingly, PollSnack provides a real-time result and the reporting is quite simple and straightforward. PollSnack can be used by bloggers, marketers and social networking users. There are different types of widgets which can be used with PollSnack.

PollSnack offers the best of the banners, websites, and storage. It is available for free of cost; however, the premium options come at a cost.

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Creation of polls and surveys online has become really easy with the help of the above-mentioned poll sharing websites. These websites provide advanced tools which are relatively simple and easy to use. It is worth using these tools.

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