10 Best Tips to Maintain your Motivation to Write


Writing a page only takes a few minutes, writing something special can take months, years, sometimes a lifetime!

If you do not have enough motivation, you will never get to the end of your writing project. Better to know, prepare, and anticipate the irremediable decline that will occur during writing.

You lack the motivation to continue your writing … So How to do?

Here are 10 tips to maintain and reboots your motivation.

1. When you cannot write: think!

Tonight, you’re in front of your screen, the words struggle to come and when they come, it’s pretty bad. Tip: stop writing for tonight! That does not mean that you do not have to do anything and stall in front of the television in an armchair.

Certainly not, you can do something else, among other things, think. Review your ideas. Maybe the idea you’re working on is just not good. Besides, all the ideas that you had before you start in this topic are not necessarily good to put in your history. Which does not mean that they are bad, but they may not have a place here for the alchemy to work. Compared to a recipe, it’s not because we will put all the spices the dish will be better, on the contrary.

Stop constantly reviewing what you have written

Are you one of those perfectionist writers who continually re-read what they have written? Anyway, I tell you, you’ll have plenty of time to re-read your writing. The replay stage is even fundamental. And you will do it with a little distance when your novel is completely written.

The worst thing is that by rereading each time, you slow down unnecessarily and you lose motivation because work is slower. Write without checking your mistakes, you will have plenty of time to reread.

Find your place of writing, but do not hesitate to change

Writing at home is not always easy. There are children running, the music of the elder or the neighbor who is at the bottom, maybe even the volume of the TV that your spouse is watching is a bit too loud. How to keep his motivation in his conditions?

Build a small place to isolate yourself. If this is not possible at home, work in a library – in general, the atmosphere is rather quiet – or a coffee if you do not fear the noise. Some may write in the hubbub, others in monastic silence. If the noise annoys you, invest in a noise-canceling headset.

Finally, know also the change from time to time. From time to time, I leave my office and move to the library. In the middle of the afternoon, it is less busy and work tables are all available.

Set your Goals

To set your goals, use the SMART method :

  • S as Specific

Your goals must be clear. The more concrete they are, the more likely you are to reach them. Feel free to cut a goal into sub objectives. The more specific your goals are, the better.

  • M as Measurable

You need to be able to clearly measure your progress and know when your goal is achieved. This measure of your progress must be objective.

  • A as Attractive

Of course, your goal should please you. Otherwise, you will not have the motivation to succeed.

  • R like Realist

A good goal is a realistic goal. Certainly, to motivate you, the objective must be sufficiently ambitious. But if it is not possible, then you will lose your energy and especially your motivation.

  • T as Temporarily defined

Remember to always set limits to your goal. Limits in content, but also in time.

Always define a duration, a deadline, and steps. If your goal is too long to reach in one step, you can always break it into sub-objectives that will be achieved gradually. This will keep you motivated and satisfied with each successful sub-goal.

Rest when you Need to

This advice may seem counterproductive in a motivational article, but working when you’re exhausted never ends well. You will not avoid a drop in quality.

When working on a computer, you need to take small breaks every two hours. Take the opportunity to go out and get fresh air for a minute. Then prepare a cup of tea or coffee and relax. You return to work fresh and motivated!

Exercise Regularly

After a long day of work and the torment of everyday life, it is not necessarily easy to be ready to embark on an hour of writing. To remedy this, do a bit of exercise. No need to practice intensely. A walk of 20 to 30 minutes will be enough.

Be responsible

Know how to leave your demotivation to a friend or a partner. Not just to relieve your conscience, but if he is a true friend, he will know how to give you the kick in the back that you need to pull yourself together!

Get help

Perhaps you lack the motivation because you doubt your writing ability. A tip … go to this link https://gpalabs.com and ask for professional help or if you want you can hire someone to write for you.

Too much comfort hurts productivity

A comfortable chair is necessary when you write long hours, but this comfort can also make you unproductive. When you lack the motivation to write, a soft and very comfortable seat is the last thing you need.
Medical studies have shown that sitting all day is very bad for your health. So try to write standing up. Victor Hugo and Fernando Pessoa were known to write standing.

Writing upright is not easy, but getting out of this comfort zone will make you more motivated. You will be more inclined to work than to waste time.

Set goals: eg, sit down after 500 words or 30 minutes of writing.

Limit your writing time, but work focused

Do not work by keeping an eye on your Facebook page, or your mail. If you focus on one task, you will be infinitely more productive. By doing several things at once, you risk losing the thread of your ideas and you will struggle to refocus. The work will advance less quickly and your motivation will take a big hit. Better to work less, but effectively.

Finally, although all of these tips do not work for everyone because we are all unique, it is almost certain that many of them will be useful.

Keeping one’s motivation helps produce better work and consistent quality. Believe me, if you impose a discipline, the results and satisfaction will be at the rendezvous

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