Top 12 Best Disqus Alternatives for Comments Management Systems

best Disqus Alternativesbest Disqus Alternatives

In this guide check out the top 12 best Disqus alternatives for blog commenting system management on your portal.

Disqus is the most popular blog comment hosting service which is useful for websites and online communities. Most of us who uses networked platform like blogs or other websites use Disqus as one of the tools to manage comments. Disqus works well with multiple websites like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Drupal, etc., which makes it one of the most favorite comments management systems. In addition to over 750,000 blogs and websites, leading publications like CNN, Daily Telegraph and IGN are using Disqus.

The ability of the visitors to login with their social networking IDs and features like leaving a video response make it one of the most delightful comments management systems.

Best Disqus Alternatives

There are many demerits of using Disqus. Some of them are inability of place hotlinks on names (hence the person leaving the comment can’t be easily traced), and the inability of linking the social media comments and the unavailability of Disqus when its server is down makes the users not convenient to use it.

There are many other alternatives of Disqus available which can be used for managing the comments section of your blog or website. Mentioned below are some of the best Disqus alternatives for commenting.


Founded in 2009, the San Francisco based company has over 550 corporate clients, major of them being CBSSports, DowJones, NBC, AOL, NY Times, TIME, FOX, NASCAR and CONDE NAST. It provides a live platform for the bloggers, website publishers, and brands to create online communities with a social networking experience.

What is so special about Livefyre?

Livefyre community comment, a free comments management system is used by many bloggers and small publishers. The total funding of the company is to the tune of $21million.

The reason for its success is mainly been said to be its compatibility with social networking sites which means visitors can easily interact with the comments posted in Livefyre comment page and can directly access them using Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin. Livefyre is also available in mobile and tablet friendly versions.

Facebook Comment Box

Facebook is the most popular social networking websites used across the globe. With over a billion users, the website is considered to have a good social media influence. Hence, it would be an intelligent move if you transfer your comments page to Facebook Comment Box.

Why to use Facebook Comments Box?

The plugin available from Facebook lets the users comment on the website or blog using their Facebook profile which is then shown in the activity page of the friends on Facebook. This helps to webmasters to divert more traffic to their websites or blogs using their Facebook profile. The Facebook Comments Box also increases the social value of the website. When the users see the Facebook Comments Box, they are more eager to post their comments.

Here is how you can get Facebook Comments Box.


IntenseDebate can be termed as the best alternative to Disqus. This commenting platform designed by Automattic, Inc provides some of the best outstanding features which make it one of the best third-party commenting platforms. One of the striking features of this commenting platform is Reputation Points which entails the users to reward best comments. This helps the webmasters and bloggers or even the visitors to rate constructive comments over some of useless comments.  Other features include sending email to commentators, whenever, there is a response to the comment. The platform also allows the users to report any inappropriate comment by stating the reason why the comment is rated inappropriate.

What is so special about IntenseDebate?

IntenseDebate allows the users to comment on your blogs or websites by using multiple login IDs, viz. Twitter, Facebook, WordPress or OpenID. This helps the users to get more traffic to the sites or blogs and hence, become search friendly. The commenting platform also allows the users to subscribe to many widgets which can provide statistics about the comments such as see the most recent comments, popular comments and top commentators.

Google Plus Comments

Google Plus is the second largest social networking websites after Facebook and has over 500 million users across the globe (the statistics is as of end of 2012). It is also the fourth most used app in smartphones. It is therefore crucial that the webmasters and bloggers think of Google Plus seriously.

What value addition can Google Plus comments provide?

Just like Facebook, Google Pus Comments also helps to drive traffic to the websites. The comments posted in the section are directly linked to Google Plus wall of the users and also available in various Google community page. The application also has certain SEO advantages which make it dearer to the search pages. Here is how you can get Google Plus comments.


Echo is not a popular platform like Disqus or Livefyre. However, it is the first and the largest real time web platform. Echo has more than 20 platforms and have served over 15 billion real-time streams in just this year itself. Some of the notable clients of Echo include SONY, Washington Post, ESPN, WebMD, NASDAQ, Travel Channel , etc. There are three types of products offered under Echo platform. Stream Server which provides real-time activity database and serve real-time activity data. Backplane Server provides real time messaging and enables to easily and securely communicate with all the apps. The KVS server, on the other hand, ensures key values are stored in the cloud.

Why should you consider Echo?

Echo provides a real-time platform on the Internet this helps the bloggers and users to know what is the latest happening around the globe. Perhaps, this is the reason the number of live streams is increasing every year. It is as effective as social networking comments plugin.


Most of the online users believe Realtidbits is much better comment plugin than Disqus. Realtidbits comments can easily be integrated with the social media websites like Facebook, Twitter or even Linkedin. As the name indicates, Realtidbits provides a real-time commenting page for the users.

What’s so special in Realtidbits?

So is its integration with social networking sites makeRealtidbits so special for the users? There are many features of Realtidbits which make it more friendly with the websites and blogs. First of all, the signing in is really easy. It gives a choice to the visitors to login with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Yahoo and WordPress. Since the visitors will have at least account in one of these, they can login very easily. Realtidbits also allows the users to add photos and videos and embed them. Users can also place hyperlinks in the comments. Apart from this, it also helps in sharing the comments in Twitter, Facebook and even subscribe to new comments by email. Realtidbits also helps the bloggers or webmasters to do a real time analysis of the websites. This is the reason many media websites love to use Realtidbits. Using Realtidbits is real fun!

Comments Plus

Comments Plus comments plugin can be used by WordPress users only. The plugin is initiated by WPMU Development team. Although Comments Plus is primarily being meant for WordPress users, it is left for the readers to choose which way they would like to comment on via Facebook, Twitter or Google apart from the WordPress available.

What is the advantage of using Comments Plus?

Comments Plus should be used if the user is looking for controlling spam in a big way. The plugin comes with comments spam pack which ensures that spam are kept away from your sites. Another feature of Comments Plus is the comments control section which detects the IP address of the users when they are comments on the websites. It displays a message asking the users to stop commenting when it detects that the consecutive comments are posted from the same IP address.

Comment Plus Plugin is available at a price of $19; however, with various plugins and themes, the users can get more discounts.


Moot provides realtime and embeddable forums section to the users. It also provides styles to the users. Started a few years back, Moot provides a faster, lightweight and a more responsive solution to comment platform. This comment platform can be easily styleable, simple and can easily be embedded. Moot comment management system is easily responsive and provides unified commenting.

Why to use Moot comment management system?

Along with providing all the advanced features mentioned above, this lightweight comment system comes in attractive pricing and the users can also link the feeds to the systems. Moreover, the users can have only one login for both the forums and comments. The trial version is available for free while the users have to pay a little amount to upgrade for getting full version. Here is how you can use Moot.


CommentLuv Premium has all the features which can help you to get more traffic to your blog. The comment management system provides the users with the ability to fight against spam, add keywords, top commentators widget, and integrate twitterlink to your websites.


What are the advantages of using CommentLuv Pro?

The premium version of CommentLuvhelps the bloggers to encourage the visitors to leave more comments, reward the visitors when they share your posts in social network websites, and customized information panel. The users can also receive automatic updates and find out statistics about the comments and do much more with the premium version. The unlimited premium version of CommentLuv is available for the price of $97 only. Get more comments with CommentLuv.


Juvia is similar to Disqus; however, Juvia offers complete support to Ajax web pages. The JavaScript is written in such a way that if there is any existing JavaScripts present in the webpage, then the conflicts can be easily avoided. This comment management tool does not support nested comments.

Why to install Juvia comment management system?

There are some of the striking features of Juvia which makes it an important tool to add comment in your blogs. It provides a multi user support which allows the users to operate the admin panel. The user accounts are isolated and they can manage their own sites. Juvia also provides an option to the webmasters or bloggers to subscribe for email notification for all the new comments. Get your hands on Juvia right away!


BurnZone is a customizable commenting platform. BurnZone provides a better user experience which results in better conversation and thereby increase traffic also to the site. The system presents the users with a capability to challenge other user’s comments.This helps reducing spam and unwanted comments as they can be easily challenged by other users.  It provides special opportunity to the users to ask questions to the community and if the other users can answer the questions, they get rewarded. The users who build their reputation online get listed in the leader board which is present in the sidebar of the BurnZone commenting system.

Why to use BurnZone?

BurnZone is very easy to install and the moderator has complete control of the entire commenting platform. The platform allows multiple login options, voting and likes can easily be done and they can be easily shared in social networking sites. Here is how you can install BurnZone.


Viafoura is a comment management platform which can be used for engaging the audience of the websites and it can also help users to monetize from comments from some of the premium digital publishers. This is the reason whyViafoura is used by leading publishers like DailyPress, Bell Media, CNN, CBC, Discovery Channel, etc. Commenting using Viafoura is very simple. Just login using your social networking sites, write your comments, and connect to the community. Viafoura also shows best Analytics to the webmasters and bloggers which can help them to monitor the page performance highlight the conversations and reward or provide incentives to the good contributors.

Almost all the third-party comment management systems can be easily integrated with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter which indirectly increases traffic to the websites and blogs. Other features like real-time updates, RSS feds subscriptions and rating the best comments helps to keep the visitors engaged.

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In this guide check out the top 12 best Disqus alternatives for blog commenting system management on your portal.
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