10 World’s Best Magician Tricks Ever – Video

Magician TricksMagician Tricks

Magician are believed to have some special attraction power which can erupt audience. From card tricks to Modern Art and from Table of Death to common hat tricks, magician tricks also known as magic effects can surprise you.You will be definitely summarize it as “Insane” after watching these 10 World’s Best Magician tricks [Video].

Best Magician on Stage

  • Christian Farla at 0:04 Min
  • Mike Super at 1:08 Min
  • James More at 4:08 Min
  • Brynolf and Ljung at 6:04 Min
  • Mat Franco at 9:26 Min
  • Smoothini at 11:55 Min
  • Mat Franco at 14:14 Min
  • Collins Key at 19:13 Min
  • Darcy Oake at 23:51 Min
  • Can Jamie at 26:07 Min

And watch all of them performing their best magic tricks on stage on a video –

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