Best iPhone 5S Waterproof Cases & Covers

The best iPhone 5S waterproof cases & covers to provide right protection to your Apple device from sudden water drops, spills, dust, dirt and snow.

Our phones are one of the most important devices that we carry around at all times. Since it is so important to us we need to protect this from all kinds of harmful elements so that the phone and its parts remain protected. More than that one has always wanted a water proof cover so that one can use the phone even if it is raining heavily or say when one is under the pool or even can save phone from sudden water spills.Apple iPhone 5S WaterProof CasesApple iPhone 5S WaterProof Cases

Best iPhone 5S Waterproof Case

When one is using iPhone 5S one is extra careful about the phone. Whether or not the sensors would work is a totally different story but the point remains that waterproof covers are available that would help people protect their phones from water. Most of the cases that are available and designed especially for iPhone 5S. The following are the best hand picked iPhone 5S waterproof cases & covers –

Otterbox Preserver iPhone 5S Waterproof Case – [Buy Now]

These are a range of covers which are made especially for the above mentioned iPhone. It has been there in the market for quite some time. When we use it and then carefully see it there appears to be a bubble on top of the home button. There are other series from the production house named the defender which is similar to this one. Likewise not only the Preserver is a cover that makes your phone waterproof it is also shock proof.

When we go through the features of this cover it may say that one can freely use or rather there is uninhibited use of all the device features but it is likely that the Touch ID will not work if one is under water. One can buy this on various websites online and another one which is suggested is Case Marine. But in any case it is best to switch off the Touch ID authentication if one is planning to use the phone underwater.


  • Waterproof IP-X8 certified case
  • Protects iPhone 5C from water drops
  • Provides resistant from dust
  • Includes built-in screen protector
  • Price – $89.99

Buy Otterbox iPhone 5S waterproof case

Griffin iPhone 5s Waterproof Case – [Buy Now]

Available from $17.98 it comes at the top when we talk about water proof cases and is the best for smart phones which look more or less looks like an iPhone itself. This one has the same problem as the Touch ID will not work in the rain. But nevertheless it as a waterproof cover which one might just need.


  • MIL-STD-810 waterproof/dustproof to a level
  • Rugged at edges and corners
  • Price – $17.98

Buy Griffin iPhone 5S Case

Bolkin iPhone 5S Waterproof Case – [Buy Now]

This Bolkin Hybrid Armor Case for iPhone 5S protects device from sand, dust, storm and segregated dirts as it adopts IP66 international standard. Price – $12.95

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Pioneer iPhone 5S WaterProof Case – [Buy Now]

Pioneer Tech introduces heavy duty waterproof case for iPhone 5S which not only provide protection against water droplets or sudden drops in water but also provides best protection against dirt or any shock. It can also work under snow as well.

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AcerGuarder iPhone 5S Waterproof Case – [Buy Now]

This iPhone 5S case from AcerGuarder is complete waterproof, dustproof, dirtproof, snowproof and shockproof cover. It will certainly exceed America military standards.

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The ZipLoc Bag

This is something which have been used for time immemorial. These bags have been used for so many things including iPhones as of now. When in a dry state this ZipLoc actually lets you use the Touch ID of your phone and it can be seen on some of the videos that are available on the internet. But not when wet of course. The price depends and varies from product to product.

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So those were some of the amazing iPhone 5S waterproof cases and covers to give right protection to your device although it isn’t waterpoof phone by iPhone.

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