Top 3 Free Data Recovery Tools available to Consider About

Even though you save most of your sensitive and personal information on the computer, you can’t guarantee that they would remain forever. You could accidentally delete them or they could become inaccessible due to hardware or software failures. When you encounter such a situation, using a data recovery tool would be the best option available out there for you. Here is a list of 3 free data recovery tools that you could try in order to stay away from the hassle associated with recovering deleted or lost files from your computer.Data Recovery toolsData Recovery tools

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

If you are trying to use free data recovery software for the first time, EaseUS would be a good option available to consider about. That’s because it comes along with an user-friendly interface, which can keep the users away from confusion. It can also be considered as an effective tool available for data recovery. The search capabilities that are offered by EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is impressive.

You will be able to search for the exact file through its name, created or modified date and file extension. EaseUS comes along with a variety of assistance features as well. If you get in stuck during the middle of the file recovery process, you can simply request for assistance.


Recuva can also be considered as free data recovery software that comes along with a simple user interface, but with advanced functionalities. If you are looking for a tool for an emergency purpose, this would be a good option available to consider about. That’s because you can directly go to the advanced menu and enter the exact type of file that needs to be recovered from your computer.

It is also possible for you to narrow down the search to specific locations in your storage devices. You can either select a quick scan or a deep scan. If you want to recover a file that was deleted within few hours, quick scan option would be helpful.


PhotoRec is free data recovery software, which has the ability to get back deleted files from any storage media. This tool is compatible with a variety of file formats as well. PhotoRec is not just capable of recovering deleted photos.

It has the ability to recover a variety of file formats from a variety of storage formats including memory cards and USB flash drives. PhotoRec is compatible with Linux and Mac OS operating systems as well. However, PhotoRec has not got the best user interface because it has a command line affair. The user interface is not associated with mouse support as well. Therefore, it would take some time for you to get used to the file recovery software and learn how to use it.

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