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Google developed the WEBP image format in 2010 for the users which allowed them to save compressed image files in lossless or lossy formats. It should be noted here that Google claimed this image format would easily compress the image formats by 34% as compared to those of PNG or JPEG formats, which will definitely increased the web speed.Webp to PNG JPG GIF FormatWebp to PNG JPG GIF Format

Best WEBP to JPG Image Converters

However, if you want to convert WEBP images online then you will find a number of platforms and services which will provide facility to convert these image formats into desired one like JPEG or PNG and many other formats.


This website is known for offering you the facility of converting WEBP images to either PNG or JPEG formats in just a few steps. Of course, this is a free service offered by Zamzar to you which will be completed in just 4 steps. You will also find essential information regarding the image formats which will enrich your knowledge.

  1. In the first step, you are required to upload images to the website. This can be easily done by either mentioning the image URL or choosing the files for saved images. The maximum file size of image can be up to 100 MB in free segment however; the site offers more memory options for a particular image.
  2. Secondly, you will be required to choose the preferred image format or target format in which the WEBP image will be converted. For this section, you can choose either PNG or JPEG format for the destination image format.
  3. In the next step, you will have to enter your email ID so that you can quickly receive the converted image files in your email.
    1. At last, you will have to accept the terms and conditions of the website and click on Convert button to start the process of image format conversion.

Cloud Convert

You can easily convert the WEBP images to PNG or JPEG formats and that too; with nil investment. For this, you will have to select the particular image file in WEBP format or drag & drop it on the web page.

The website offers multiple options for you whether

  1. You want an email when conversion process is complete, or
  2. You want notification, or
  3. You want your converted image file received in Google Drive or Dropbox.

After choosing the correct option, you can click on Start Conversion which will quickly convert your image file into either JPEG or PNG format.

Image Online Convert

The website offers the opportunity to convert any format image file to JPG in juts a flash of second. No doubt, the conversion process would be in free and you will get your required image format.

For uploading WEBP image file, you will get three options –

  1. You will have to choose your file from the saved location. Or,
  2. You can enter your destination URL for the WEBP image. Or,
  3. The user is also free to upload the picture file from the cloud storage location.

This website also offers some additional image quality settings of the target file format such as color, image enhancement properties, and size, color and DPI settings.

Office Converter

The user is free to upload WEBP image formats in a batch by uploading the images or entering URLs. After this, you can easily convert the file into JPG format and download it on your system.

XN Convert

XnConvert is an ultimate and amazing image processing software which allows the user to convert WEBP images to JPEG or PNG images however; this is not an online app rather you will have to download and install it. This is completely free and easy to use.

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