Top 10 Best Smart Refrigerators To Buy In 2018

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In recent times, electronic appliances occupy major parts of a home in urban cities of every corner of the world. Gone were the days, when food was freshly prepared and served to members of the household. Now, you have the refrigerator and microwave oven. The womenfolk of the family used to spend a majority of the time on the weekends cleaning clothes. Now, you have the washing machine.

There are also other electronic appliances which make your family comfortable in a home such as the air conditioner, washer dryers, television etc. However, as a human being, you need three important things to sustain in life. One is food, water, and shelter. And when it comes to a combination of the first item with electronic appliances, fridge or a refrigerator assumes prime importance. So, do you want to replace your existing fridge with a new version of a famous brand? You have made the right decision. Mentioned in this article are the 10 best smart refrigerators to buy in 2018.

Samsung Smart Refrigerator – Samsung Family Hub French Door

The name conveys it all. In many parts of the world, even today, the kitchen is respected as the first room in the entire house. A kitchen usually gets attached to the dining room where the kids, parents gather, prepare food and share happy memories. But technology has moved to a place today where even kids play on mobiles. Now, Samsung has designed this fridge for an entire family. You can design avatars for every family member to create to-do work schedules. In addition, you can also play music to enjoy while cooking the delicious recipes.

Are you fond of the news? Then catch the headlines while sipping on the coffee in the dining table. You can also create shopping lists. Want to see the interior of the fridge without opening the door? Then you have three cameras. The biggest advantage – you can control the appliance by the 21.5 Wi-Fi enabled touchscreen found in the front of the fridge. Make use of the voice-activated assistant to give you notes about your schedule. You can also make use of the adjustable shelves to store a large number of items.

Kenmore Smart 75043

Do you want to possess a fridge that is made of stainless steel, have more capacity to fill items and a smart app to boot – then look at the title again. If you buy this appliance, then it is easy to ensure that the food can stay at the correct and safe temperature levels required for your preparation style. You can also control the fridge from remote corners by making use of Alexa. The other way is to use voice commands for activating the ice maker and air filter.

You can also monitor the temperature of the fridge. The interior lighting because of LED can brightly illuminate the contents of the fridge and ensures that nothing is missed even in the remote corner. The extra area on the fridge front accommodates not only glasses but also coffee pots.

3. GE Profile PFE28PBLTS


When you buy a fridge, you also choose the color that can match with most of the items in the kitchen. You can choose from the four stylish colors. And you have two evaporators to create different, optimized climate in the food compartment and well in the freezer to ensure humidity. You can even prepare hot water any time of the day by making use of the GE Kitchen app.

The LED lights inside the fridge ensure you to have control of the items prepared in the kitchen so that no food goes to waste. When you are tired, make use of Alexa to control the fridge by using your voice. For example, you can order Alexa to heat the water for your favorite hot beverage. Do not forget to make use of the TurboCool function for restoring the perfect temperature when you put off groceries.

The Wi-Fi connect features allows you to control the fridge from your hand. You have an entire set of smart appliances so that you stay connected to the home, regardless of the distance. You can also tune for alerts – the time for replacing a filter or when you leave the door open.


Do you run a foodie restaurant? Then the chef in your kitchen must have recommended for this fridge version. In fact, this version can be regarded as a high performance product that does the cooking for chefs. The technology in the fridge is designed to keep the food fresh for a longer time.

The SmartTouch control allows you to customize the settings and optimize the performance of the stored food items. By making a note, you can save energy, cool and defrost without compromising on the health of food. For making your work easy, you have the glass shelves made of spill safe category in the fridge.

5. Samsung RF28JBEDBSG

Are you living in a joint family? Do you have to drop your spouse to work? Then, the fridge may be the right version. If you have multiple food options for a week, then they can be easily organized by their type. While the exterior showcase gives you the instant access for condiments and drinks, the Inner-case makes you store fresh, large food items. The FlexZone  Drawer makes use of the metal cooling technology.

The food will cool faster, and acts as an ideal place for drinks, snacks, butter and milk. The LED lighting makes the interior part of the refrigerator viewable so that all the food is visible. The fridge can store nearly 25 to 28 bags of grocery items.


If you want a fridge that is convenient and flexible, then look again at the title. It has a storage drawer that can be controlled by temperature and has various temperature options. The drawer (FlexZone) has the ability to make you adjust to four temperature options and comes with smart divider. You can store any food item right from the frozen foods to the snacks. With the Ice Master you can create nearly ten pounds of ice to get ready for a sudden party.

The water dispenser offers filtered water for everyday use. The Twin Cooling PluS makes use of independent cooling systems and dual evaporators to maintain the required amount of humidity in the fridge. This makes way for the fruits/vegetables to last longer. The LED display gives the right information about the settings, filter status and more options. The refrigerator has spill-proof shelves in the number of five. They also have slide-in shelves to accommodate items. This one takes the cake. They also have the flip-up option shelves to store tall items.

Whirlpool WRF995FIFZ

The best update for your kitchen if you are a nuclear family. Similar to other fridges mentioned in the list, it does have Wi-Fi connectivity. You can easily connect to the home automation system of choices. You can re-adjust the system for parties and when the door is opened or closed. In the in-door ice system, the design has been created for more space options. You get the extra shelf. In the freezer section, you have the shelf, two drawers as well the basket to keep organized the food plates. This fridge gives an alert if the door is left open for greater than two minutes.

Image Source: Digital Trends

Do the children in your family like pizzas? Then you have a pizza pocket in the freezer. No need to adjust boxes in the freezer shelves.

LG Smart Refrigerator – Model LFXS28968S

LG Smart Refrigerator | Image Source

When we have compiled almost the best brands, how can we forget the LG? Then let us look at the model.

There are three benefits of buying this appliance. There is a 10-year limited warranty on the linear compressor. The Space Plus system is designed to give more room on the shelf. Of course, there is always a Smart Cooling system to keep the food fresh and green. The smart screen touch and the LED does help you to decide the perfect management of temperature in a freezer as well fridge for keeping the food fresh. There are multi vents for a smooth flow of air to maintain the uniform temperature. In addition, you also have the six digital sensors monitor, freezer and room temperature so that food is stored in a perfect mode. You have glass shelves, but they can offer the best assistance. Three of the shelves are slide-out types and one is a folding Spill Protector tempered glass shelf.

All the shelves are designed to offer easy access and high visibility. There are door alarms to give you alerts when the doors are left open, thus saving energy and avoiding spoiling of costly food. Were you searching for an efficient, quiet and elegant refrigerator? Then look at the title again. It has three warranties – one year (parts and labor), sealed system (7 years) and compressor warranty (10 years).

GE Smart Refrigerator: GE Profile PFE28PSKSS


Similar to the other smart fridges in the list, it also has the same features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, free downloading app and Google Home functionality. And it is devoid of an ugly screen. The automatic filling option struggles in case of water bottles that have narrow mouths, but it gives the best option of refill with regards to cups as well pitchers. The appliance has mixed a trendy design with the traditional model. So, you have a glass panel (laced with tint) to see the inside of the fridge.

GE Smart Refrigerator | Image Source

You have an app with simple features. You can control the temperature of the fridge via the smartphone. You also get an alert if the door is open. You can send a message to the fridge to heat water to use for tea.

Danby Designer DCR044A2BDD Smart Refrigerator

Did you dream of having a small fridge at a low budget? You got the model. The size is small, but it can hold water bottles and other items. In all, you have 4.4 cubic feet to store various items. It comes in three varieties – black, white as well stainless steel.

The latest and trendy Danby Designer Smart Refrigerator

Having a height of only 33 inches means that it can fit under many counters. You can use the fridge for storage of cheeses as well deli meats.


So, there you go. We hope that you have got the list for the smart refrigerators. Every brand gives its best features according to the latest trend in case of a new version. But, kindly note, no matter the features and expense of the appliance, you should do the maintenance part properly. Or else, the device will malfunction.

Let us imagine, you are in Hyderabad. You have made a shift from Bangalore on account of your office requirement. And the fridge, because of the location change, is performing below par. Maybe, some parts have got damaged or it is time for a maintenance check. So, you are new to the city. You have to depend on referrals or look at established websites for the services of an experienced technician for fridge repair in Hyderabad. But you can also do the other way. You can download the app of the best home maintenance companies in Hyderabad and schedule a service as per your convenience. The concerned professional will come to your house and restore the appliance back to normal.

Have we missed any of the popular smart refrigerator versions here on the list? If so, please be kind enough to include a comment in the Reviews section.

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