5 Best Screen Recorder for Linux List

Check out the 5 Best Screen Recorder for Linux, Ubuntu.

When one has to look for something best one can always look for the best. For example when it comes to Linux screen recording one should also look for the best. When the computers screens output is something that is being digitally recorded, in a manner where it seems to be typically carrying a narration is what is we have mentioned above.Best Screen Recorder for LinuxBest Screen Recorder for Linux

Best Screen Recorder for Linux

Screens casting involves taking quite a number of screenshots of the applications which are running, and hence it records all of the users action and somewhat creates a file which is a video in nature.

The formats, in which, such movies and the videos would be available would be in flash video (FVL), AVI, Macromedia Flash which is also known as SWF and Theora. Commercial windows applications together with all this has thrown light on this subject, in 1994, Lotus ScreenCam.

Technical skills, reporting various kinds of bugs, evaluation of all skills, and describing is something that is a result of the usage of this kind of software. Screen casts therefore find a lot of usages.

Fee and open sources of these tools find a way out because of the cheap internet availability and hence is helping people worldwide. YouTube is an example is of the videos that is recordmyscreen screen casts. Before using anything even if it is software like this one needs to know what the best is and what isn’t. Hence here is a list of top 6 screen casting tool. Freely distributable licenses is something that is helping them too –


Linux’s sessions of audio and video both kind of data can be recorded because of this software.


This is something that is new and good. Its characteristics are that it is small and compact and hence people find it useful as a screen cast creator.


This is different because it is a tool which records what is to be recorded along with having a Flash (SWF) output.


Lotus ScreenCam finds its alternative in this software, it is completely standard based and hence useful.


Ogg Theora videos are a part of this software. It is a desktop session recorder.


It is the only application which does not require charge and has a closed source. This is one application which is commercial in nature. Presentation and tutorial representation is a part of what this software creates and has an excellent option.


So which of these Linux Screen recording software are you using.

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