Best iPhone Touch ID Apps

Best iPhone Touch ID AppsBest iPhone Touch ID Apps

Users of iPhone 6, 6 Plus and 5S will be happy with news that TouchID can be used now with third-party apps that have been updated to Integrated TouchID. In fact, such interfaces act brilliant to tasks such as login processes, authentication and validation in payment processing mode and other procedures.

Best iPhone 6 Touch ID Apps

Apple is feeling fine to allow other applications for making use of TouchID API on capable devices for easy and safe processing. Here, you will find such apps which can offer you advanced process of authentication and logging in on your iPhone –

LastPass iPhone App

The only thing you should remember here with this free app is that you will have to keep master password in mind for getting access to all other passwords. Auto-filling of online shopping forms with usernames and passwords along with creation of secure notes in case of credit card transaction will be much easier for you.

This app is a safe passage to retrieve your old passwords and it also offers offline access to usernames and passwords. You can change or replace your master password with fingerprint as LastPass has got the advanced support of TouchID.

1Password iPhone App

You will never have to worry about creating passwords for different websites or portals because 1Password will do it for you apart from remembering these passwords. With a recent compatibility update with TouchID API for iOS 8, you should feel free to store all your credentials, login passwords and secure notes.

Management of these passwords and IDs becomes easier and convenient for you because this free app will need your fingerprint to access and modify data.

Mint iOS 8 App

It serves as the best financial management apps for iOS 8 which now comes updated with TouchID facility. It will show all investment records, money bills, and personal account details so that user can easily track expenses and even create a new monthly budget. This app is completely free and is getting popular.

Amazon iOS8 App

Before you make final moves to buy a product from Amazon, you will have to authenticate through fingerprint for payment processing. Yes, Amazon has updated its app to include TouchID feature so that you can easily get access to reviews, search for products, browse easily and make solid comparisons of different items.

In other words, all the data and profile information including costs have been linked to TouchID API through this free app for easy accessibility and buying.

Discover Mobile iPhone App

With this excellent and handy tool Discover, you will always get the tabs ready to be used in case of credit card expenditures. This app has been updated to TouchID feature for iOS 8 so that the user is never required to enter login password every now and again. Discover Mobile application will come free of cost and is extremely easy to be used.

Evernote iPhone App

With updated TouchID API, Evernote has become the most popular and highly suggested app. It will accomplish a lot of tasks for you such as recording video messages on transit, to create to-do lists, scan business cards and taking photos and notes for you.

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Social sharing platforms like Twitter and Facebook can be used with this app to share your notes and photos with your friends and colleagues. You can get this brilliant app free of cost.

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