5 Best iPhone 6 Camera Apps – iPhone 6 Plus Camera Apps

Transpiring smartphone vibe has made photography quite handy, instead of those heavy and professional looking instruments having thick lenses. Starting from early morning selfie to captivating landscapes everything could be captured just by a single tap. Camera quality has become one of the prominent features to be considered among emerging smartphone manufacturers.Best iPhone 6 Camera AppsBest iPhone 6 Camera Apps

Best iPhone 6 Camera Apps

Considering apples most successful innovation iPhone with its iSight having an outstanding camera quality which is comparable to some of the cameras available in market. Apples app store provides many apps for customizing and multiplying the output of the camera. These apps fascinate the experience of photography by providing the user with necessary features to get utmost level of satisfaction through best customization possible for capturing the desired photo. Some of the changes done by these apps are editing photos by using filters, adjusting white balance, focus and shutter speed manually.

Some users don’t want personalized interface for their phone’s camera they like to keep it default and simple. But some users want more auxiliary features for better experience of photography, a bit more than the default camera interface and capabilities. For these users among the broad spectrum of applications in apples app store 5 of them are enlisted below.


Camera+ provides you stabilization of photos with adjustments for available light in surroundings like exposure and white balance. With camera+ exposure compensation could be altered for better focusing capability in surroundings having low light. In addition to this iso and shutter speed of the camera could be checked, making this app quite simple yet effective. This app is priced at the rate of $2.99.

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Pro Cam 2

Pro cam 2 is another app from the store which provides users the control over exposure to filters, controlling and locking focus, white balance, having lots of non ruinous editing modes and much more. This app even after being loaded with all these features is having an easy interface making it simple as compared to other apps having quite complex interface. This application is priced at the rate of $1.99.

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Pro Hdr

Pro hdr is amongst excellent apps available in hdr type. Apart from the lesser smooth user interface as compared to other apps the application provides users a great control over settings including exposure tuning and tone mapping. Pro hdr has a diverse range of filters offering cropping, self timer, digitally zooming and so on. This app is priced at the rate of $1.99.

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Manual is an excellent app which gives you a professional experience. With this app iso, shutter speed, white balance, exposure and focus could be adjusted before tapping the shoot button. With help of these adjustments you get a preview of the desired type of photo that needs to be clicked. It is appreciably fast and uncomplicated app priced at the rate of $1.99.

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Light Trac

Light trac is an app developed for regulating the light requirement for getting best shot. This app tracks the path of sun and moon for obtaining sunset, sunrise, twilight and their lunar equivalents round the year. This app lets you to click a perfect shot by letting you know the appropriate conditions and exact movements of sun and earth. This application is priced at the rate of $4.99.

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