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When we talk about ‘heartbleed’ the only picture that comes in our head is a heart with blood, and that is the reason this very thing has the same symbol. But before discussing the symbol we need to know what exactly heartbleed is. In the library of OpenSSL cryptography there is a very famous security bug known as Heartbleed. The protocol of transport layer security also known as TLS OpenSSL is something which is widely implemented. It is said that this particular bug could be exploited too whether the party which has been using it uses a very vulnerable OpenSSL for TLS.Heartbleed CheckerHeartbleed Checker

Best Heartbleed Checker Tools

When TLS heartbeats extension is something that people want and for that if some or the other invalid input is validated, it results in Heartbleed, the actual heartbeat being the reason why this bug is particularly named this way. Buffer over-read is what the vulnerability in this case is classified as. And somehow it is a situation when the software is over used, which is it is being allowed to read data more than it should actually read. When situations like these arise one might want solutions for it too. Sometime this April the very fixed version of OpenSSL was officially released and that is when the whole world came to know about ‘heartbleed’. And at this very point of time around seventeen percent of the people round the world were believed to be vulnerable to something which the solution is found to, would prevent them from a lot of dangers including the security ones.

When a lot of things were taken into consideration this very bug was termed by a lot of people to be ‘catastrophic’. This was like vulnerability at its worst form. In fact this bug is also registered in the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures under the code CVE-2014-0160.

For overcoming the various problems there were certain tools that were taken to be the best ones in order to deal with this particular kind of bug. Few of the tools that might help people to check the needful and solve the problem that they are looking for might be the few of the below mentioned ones –

This is an online site which has the tools to check whether or not your device has this particular bug, moreover this is one site where the cached are viewed every one hour. Without worrying you have to put in your devices name and find out whether or not you have the vulnerability to this bug.

LastPass Heartbleed checker

This is another online tool which responded almost immediately after the release of this bug this April. The procedure of finding out whether the bug would affect you or not is the same one and it is the same way that this site enables you to find out various details about the bug if at all it is there in your device or network.

Visit LastPass Heartbleed checker

McAfee’s Heartbleed Checker Tool

This is another tool which in its website explains all about the bug and how one can be protected. Moreover this has a step by step manual procedure to help you check the vulnerability.

Heartbleed OpenSSL Bug Checker

This is one online tool that helps you to do the needful. It quickly checks whether or not the site is vulnerable to the above mentioned bug. This simply uses a heartbleed checking tool from an open source, and can easily solve the problem.

SSL Certificate Checker

This is another tool which is available online and which can help you check your vulnerability towards the above mentioned bug and helps in protecting your information from the unauthorized personals.

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