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Drone is a common name given to all the devices that are categorized under unmanned vehicles. Most commonly used and know machine by the scientists and some industries or factories is a robot which may be autonomous or one having single pre-loaded programme capable of performing only a particular task.Best DronesBest Drones

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UCAV is a combat drone and an unmanned aerial vehicle which is armed. These vehicles don’t need presence of any human pilot. Another device which can be bought by any common man is named as a quad-copter, it has four arms fitted equidistant having four rotors which helps the machine to fly, with this frame camera microphone and a pre programmed chip for its operation. When the quadcopter was designed there were complication regarding size controlling and endurance, but later on many improvements were made to make it handy and simple to operate. Features were added like GPS, better camera, voice recognition, reduction in size, using better material for its construction so that damage could be prevented and many more. Some of the best selling drones are Plexidrone, phenox and Hexo Plus.


Plexidrone is a unique drone having quite different construction as compared to the other drones, its parts could be easily disassembled and then reattached as and when required. Now when its parts are taken apart a backpack has to be there having enough strength to bear and protect the parts of drone. For this plexi bag has been designed in order to keep these parts and other necessary attachments for best the experience.

Plexidrone is having another unique feature that is retractable landing gear this avoids the junk in your shot giving 360 degrees of unobstructed view. GPS follow me allows you to control the drone with your phone or tablet by a single follow me tap and it will start following you. More than one drone can be controlled at the same time so that you can view same scene from multiple vantage points. There is an ultrasonic sensor installed in front of the drone which flashes with a red light and voice command that indicates you when any obstruction is encountered to avoid any kind of interruption.

Plexi Drone is available at following pricing –

  • PlexiDrone Starter – $699
  • PlexiDrone Pro – $799
  • Pro + PlexiPack Mini – $889
  • PlexiDrone Ultimate – $979
  • Swarn Pro – $2499

You can buy them from Plexi Drone site.


Phenox is a drone which is small in size compact interactive and intelligent. It is programmable device having two cameras installed and a microphone with active voice command to recognize you and follow your instructions. Direct and natural interaction could be done just like a moving creature.

Phenox is having an interesting feature which detects the dynamic motion of your hand and track the desired direction of motion in which drone is to be to be guided. It detects the voice command and gets active by calling phenox, for keeping the drone flying under your control you need to place your hand under it, If you wish to pass it further next to other person you just have to wave your hand towards that particular direction and the drone heads toward him, a chain could be made by doing the same, holding and passing by the motion of hands.

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Hexo Plus

Hexo plus is an autonomous drone system that follows you and films you so that the best aero footage could be shot anytime and anywhere. Whether it may be trekking running or snowboarding, everything could be captured without having a camera person with you concentrating fully on your sport. Hexo plus is light and packable which makes it handy and could be carried anywhere.

Best thing about this device is by having it you don’t need any pilot to control it and no camera man. It gives you shot from desired height which is not possible with a camera man. A safe and autonomous way of shooting your action. Hexo plus can fly up to 70kms per hour and has an endurance of 15 minutes.

Buy Hexo Plus at $1149 from HexoPlus Official Site.

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