5 Best CyanogenMod Themes

In this guide we have gone through some of the best CyanogenMod themes.

The idea of installing Best CyanogenMod themes is loved by everyone. Actually, rooting is the foremost important thing which is needed for a smartphone in order to install a CyanogenMod theme; that’s why one should be assured about it earlier than purchasing such a theme. In other words, rooting help one to move forward in the direction of using an Android OS.Best CyanogenMod ThemesBest CyanogenMod Themes

Best CyanogenMod Themes

Here is the list of important things one should ensure earlier than installing a CyanogenMod theme –

  • The device must be rooted.
  • Device should be bearing CyanogenMod version
  • Theme chooser is important for selection of the theme

There is no lack of excellent and attractive CyanogenMod themes for paranoid Android, Omani, Mahdi Rom and many more foundations. Here is the list of top five CM themes-

FI CyanogenMod Theme

The best thing about this theme is that it offers a color chooser feature so that you will love the theme’s color changing ability after installing it. Secondly, beautiful applications and clean, bold menu simply catches everyone’s attention. A variety of colors appear to be selected as soon as you click on theme.

Featured navigation bar button, custom high quality lockscreen and exciting things like auto change in color every month never lets you feel bored of your smart-phone. The themes involve wallpapers, tones,Fi Boot animation, flat action bars, notification panel.

Download FI CM 11 Theme


This kind of CM theme is available with more support and improvements that it involves custom icons, clean and minimal look, themed navigation bar, themed status bar notifications, system icons and the overall new classy UI. One more thing you will love about the theme is that the themed camera UI is much smoother.

Mianogen Features –

  • New Google JFK’s icons
  • Classy User Interface
  • Themed system icons
  • Themed navbar icons
  • New default wallpapers
  • Themed Camera UI

Download Mianogen Theme

Slim UI

The foremost important fact about this theme is that you will love to see beautiful icons after installing this slim UI. But one should select this theme only if it is running the paranoid Android or CyanogenMod 11 otherwise the theme will not be supported.

In Slim UI, dialer, Apollo music, notification drawer, messaging App, settings, camera, CyanogenMod torch and system font are heavily themed features. The flat and smooth running UI will also make you fall in love with your smart-phone again.

Download Slim UI Theme

Gem Flat CM11 Theme

Gem flat is one among those fantastic themes that represents much attractive user interface with good appearance. This offers not only much cleaner and fairer visuals to the smart-phone but also impressive system icons. Excellent color combination also offers a freshly look to the phone. Minimal Boot animation, notification, ringtone, alarm tones, lock-screen and high quality style pack together makes this theme outstanding among all.

Gem Flat Features –

  • HQ style packs
  • Includes Android L new Roboto font
  • Lockscreen and home wallpapers
  • Minimal boot animation
  • Ringtone, notification and alarm tones

Download Gem Flat CM11 Theme

Transparent Theme

As the name represents, transparent theme is something where you will find everything transparent such as settings, icons, dialer, navigation bar and so on. The theme is good in the development stage as it possesses various new applications. Also, the text is quite visible in transparent theme. With its five different color versions, gold, green, orange, red and purple, the theme has become many peoples’ first choice.

In order to install any theme in your phone, you just need to download it first, then going to the settings and selecting the theme. Now your phone is ready to leave an unforgettable impression on your friends.

Download Transparent Theme

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