List of 15 Best CPM Ad Networks 2024

Best CPM Ad NetworksBest CPM Ad Networks

Check out an extensive list of Best CPM Ad networks 2024 as we go through an ad network that provides the best eCPM rates.

CPM Ad network, also known as Cost Per Mile, pays publishers on the basis of net thousands of impressions. Generally, any CPM network has fixed eCPM rates dependent on the demographics and these networks have been beneficial for both advertisers and publishers.

For a publisher, it has the advantage of selling the inventory in the footer or in the sidebar where you have a lesser number of clicks and a pure CPM network doesn’t ask for any clicks, just banner impressions are enough.

Best CPM Ad Networks 2024

If you feel that your current CPM ad network is paying you too low, then you can consider applying to follow the best CPM ad networks in 2022, and never know you might be lucky enough to include as a publisher.

Tribal Fusion

No other CPM ad network can beat Tribal Fusion. Although we have heard about it we never applied to Tribal Fusion because we are yet to meet their traffic requirements. They have industries’ top rates for banner ads and pop ads. The minimum payout is $50 and payments are based on NET 45.


Adversal is one of the best CPM ad networks, was in the top 10 last year and this year the eCPM has increased gradually. Check out the complete Adversal review.


Our recent experiment with AOL has fetched us the best eCPM rates although it pays only for the US and Canada impressions. It’s one of our best CPM networks that we are using for months now.

Clove Networks

Clove is an old and existing CPM ad network with thousands of publishers. With a wide range of ad forms and transparent pricing models, Clove Network is still loved by many publishers.

CDXN Direct

CDXN Direct is one of the best CPM networks to give a try now. This comes with simple ad tag integration but the reports are cumulative of all websites where you integrate the ads.


The last in the list because of its non-exact reporting interface which just shows total earnings with impressions. Still, CPMLeader eCPM is growing from good to better and better by day. Check out CPMLeader review.


Yashi is one of the best in-video CPM ad networks and its eCPM rates have grown in recent years.

So any other network that you found worth trying?

Other popular CPM ad networks are –

  • AdPepper Media
  • Ad4Game
  • Burst Media
  • Epom
  • Adtegrity
  • Axill
  • Banner Connect
  • Technorati Media
  • Conversant
  • ContextWeb
  • Lijit
  • Casala Media

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So which of these best CPM networks are you currently using? How much is your eCPM rate? Do let us know via comment.

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