8 Best Authorization Letter Template (Formats and Samples)

Best Authorization Letter TemplateBest Authorization Letter Template

An authorization letter is actually a kind of legal permission that one party grants to another party for performing a certain task on the behalf of the first party. In life, there can be some circumstance where you need to be present in two places at the same time and both are equally important for you. In such circumstance what you can do is that you can attend at one place and give someone your authority to attend the other place on your behalf. But remember you should only give your authority to that person whom you can trust the most. Authorization letter may be required for various purposes but if it is connected with the private financial transaction or if it is related to any confidential document then you have to be very careful and should give the authority to that person on whom you have complete trust. 

Writing an authorization letter can be very tricky as among all other business letter authorization letter is a very serious issue. Everybody is not familiar with how authorization should be written letter format. So in this article, we have come with some tips and a template for writing an authorization letter so that you can easily understand what points you need to cover in the authorization letter.

Template for writing authorization letter

 The following is a standard authorization letter format:


<Your Name>
<Your Address>
<Your Email ID>
<Your Phone No.>


Date: Date of the day when you will send the letter



<Name of the person whom you have authorized>
<Address of the person whom you have authorized>
<Email ID of the person whom you have authorized>
<Phone No. of the person whom you have authorized>

Dear <Name of the person whom you have authorized>,

With this letter I would like to inform that I, <Your name>, hereby authorize <Name of the person whom you have authorized> to be my representative in my absence and I authorize <Name of the person whom you have authorized> to conduct the deed during this time and act on my behalf.  

However, this letter of authorization will remain valid until I give any further notice and take the decision to end the authorization. I am attaching some important documents which will work as a proof of identity for <Name of the person whom you have authorized>.

Thanks for your cooperation and support.


<Your Name>

Tips to write an authorization letter

Generally, the authorization letter is mostly used for official and business purposes. So, we have come up with some essential guidelines that will help you to write an authorization letter:

  • Use of Right tone: Since the authorization letter is a kind of professional letter the first and foremost thing is to use the proper tone while writing the authorization letter. It is very essential to keep the letter formal and always try to deliver the message appropriately.
  • Short and concise: The next thing that you have to make sure that the letter should be short and concise. Most importantly, the letter should be straightforward and to the point. You must ensure that the reader should not have to use too much time while reading the letter. The long letter can make the reader bored and so always try to complete the authorization letter within a single page.
  • Mention the name of the authorized person: It is also very important to mention the name of the person clearly whom you will give the authorization. Apart from that, it is will be better if you can specify the relationship that you have with the person whom you are going to authorize for the specific task.
  • Reason for the authorization: You may need to give authorization to another person to do that particular work which you were supposed to do only because of some urgent piece of work and unavoidable circumstances. So, in the authorization letter, you must specify it why you have given the authorization to another person. Apart from that, if you do not want the authorized person to do any particular act then you must specify it in the letter.
  • Specify the validity of authorization: In the authorization letter, it is very essential to specify the date up to which the authorization will remain valid. If you do not specify the validation date in the then it may mean that the person is authorized for that specific task for the whole life. So always make sure that you have given the duration of authorization as well as the date from when the authorization will begin.
  • Find a witness or notary public: Remember that an authorization letter is a legal paper or bond. That is why it necessary to find a notary public or witness who will give you the evidence in case of any dispute in the future. But remember you should not take this person’s name anywhere in the letter.

So those were some of the Best Authorization Letter Templates and samples.

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