10 Best Antivirus Software for Mac

best Antivirus Software for Macbest Antivirus Software for Mac

Selection of antivirus software for Mac is not a tough task but knowing about the suitable antivirus programs that work in a great way is really a trick. Searching more for good antivirus software online and reading software reviews on the internet will help you to evaluate the software well.

We have already gone through some of the best Antivirus for Windows OS, herein check out the list of best antivirus software programs for Mac –

Avast Antivirus for Mac

Avast is free antivirus that brings full protection and safe browsing for better browsing experience. The only thing you should not expect from Avast is parental control.  It guards your Mac device against malware and offers complete real-time protection.

Avira for Mac

This capable antivirus software program is good for the reason it does not slow down on Macs like other antivirus software programs. Under default programming, it does not scan all files but prefers scanning only which are considered dangerous. If you enable real-time protection all the time, it scans files inside the archive.

Bitdefender for Mac

Using both, heuristic detection and signature detection, Bitdefender offers security not only for Mac but also for attached devices. This antivirus program scans malware and offers safe web browsing. In this way, it keeps your device protected against from Keyloggers, Trojan horses, malware, spyware and viruses.

F-Secure for Mac

This ultimate antivirus program for Mac offers continuous scans and powerful firewall tools. This is how you can expect good firewall protection and antivirus scanning from this software but parental control and URL checker facility is not available in this program.

Clamxav for Mac

Updated time to time by it’s developer, Clamxav is proven good software for Mac security. This free and simple antivirus brings continuous security protection.  It offers the chance of bringing the detection engine of your own.  Still, this antivirus has limitations and don’t offer parental control, firewall or web protection.

Kaspersky Internet Security

With it’s signature based malware detection services and behavior based heuristic detection, Kaspersky has become one of the most preferred antivirus for Mac users. It offers great tools for parental control, defender against novel threats and virtual keyboard.

McAfee Internet Security for Mac

McAfee brings firewall protection and URL advisor for Mac devices. It detects instant mails and messages for malwares. Although, there are no tools for parental control in this antivirus it works great for Internet security.

Eset Cyber Security for Mac

This antivirus program offers you everything that you expect from any security tool but to get all the security tools, you will have to choose the pro version. This is how, you can get access to parental control tools, educational modules, internet based protection, firewall protection and social media safety scans.

Panda Antivirus for Mac

Panda works for resisting Windows and Apple malwares from invading to your device as well as it scans even attached ios devices from your computer.  It does not offer firewall protection and parental control tool.

Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac

By keeping a constant eye on security threats, Trend Micro offers a privacy scanner. This program not only scans social networking platforms for privacy but also offers parental control facility and safer web browsing.

So, there are top ten antivirus software programs to keep your device protected from security threats. Installing any of these antiviruses in your Mac device ensures safety.

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