3 Best AirDroid Alternatives for iPhone, iPad, iOS

Best AirDroid AlternarivesBest AirDroid Alternarives

Here are Best Airdroid Alternatives for iPhone, iPad, iOS & Android. Check top Airdroid Alternatives 2020.

Everyone transfers or shares files daily due to easily available alternatives around. Broadly used methods of transferring files from phone to PC through USB cable, Card Reader or Bluetooth. But these methods have become too old and considered as slow processes for transferring files from iPhone to PC or iPad to PC. There is AirDroid available but that app also has some limitations. So we try to figure out some of the best AirDroid Alternatives for iPhone, iPad and other iOS that Apple has launched until now.

Best Airdroid Alternatives for iPhone

Technology has innovated and designed much easier for a faster way of transferring files. If you wish to transfer files using WiFi, manage SMS on PC, track your phone using GPS, store multimedia files then Google has designed an application Airdroid for you.

But there are some technical issues that need to be fixed like connection problems, restrictions due to a firewall, inability to transfer some of the multimedia files.

There are alternatives to be used instead of Airdroid. In fact, these apps can’t beat the original app but yes they can perform better on these problematic issues with Airdroid.

Following are the three best alternatives for Airdroid which you can try by checking out their features –

Kies Air

Kies Air is a good alternative for Airdroid designed by Samsung electronics. This app is similar to Airdroid and can be used to create a playlist, transfer files, browse files of your phone on PC, read messages and manage them, view call history and lot more.

One of the best features of Kies Air is its simple user interface and it does not need any auxiliary programs to be installed on your PC for its operation. However, you must know that this is supported by only a few Samsung phones.


With the help of Superbeam one can easily import or export files wirelessly, it is a great substitute for Airdroid. It provides you an identical QR code scanner as in Airdroid. Superbeam can transfer videos, images, text messages, documents, music and many more.

It is absolutely free and is supported by Android, Linux, Mac and Windows platforms. For transferring files from Android to your PC you need to pay and there are some restrictions generated by firewall and java toolkits on your PC.

Android Commander

When it comes about transferring files wirelessly Android commander is an application which is quite alike Airdroid. This app is designed for transferring files with ease. But it lags in some of the auxiliary features like its inability to send or receive SMS to PC or real-time projection of mobile screen to your PC.

Android Commander is free of cost but is deficient of an interesting user interface.

So those were some of the best AirDroid Alternatives for iPhone.

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