Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls | Credits to U.S. Air Force photo/ Staff Sgt. Joseph McKee

Niagara falls are the unique tourist place spread in Canada and America. It is famous for three falls namely the American falls, the Horseshoe and the Bridal Veil Falls respectively. The falls are amazingly known for the great sound dropping at the lowest landmark. The maximum height of the Niagara Falls is 51km and the water comes to Niagara fall comes from Niagara River. It is popularly known for hydroelectric power and for wonderful scenic beauty.

Niagara Falls | Credits to U.S. Air Force photo/ Staff Sgt. Joseph McKee

Niagara at Canada side has numerous attractions as hiking, fishing, picnicking. It is the best place for new couples and also for families. Tourists enjoy all the activities as biking and swimming. There is a facility for tourist to see breathtaking beauty of the Niagara falls from top of the sky though helicopter. Sky wheel, whirlpool and jet boats are the most exiting activities done here. More than 300 tropical birds are reserved here and more than 2000 butterflies are here which amuses the tourist.

Wildlife safari is another great activity done here for the tourist. Fireworks and illumination is another attraction done here. There many more events which is attracting a large number of tourist year after year. The tourists are increasing here to have fun, amusement, boating, fishing, swimming etc.

Niagara Falls in American side gives wonderful views from Prospect Point Park. Aerial and paranormic scenic beauty can be seen by tourist from Flight of angels by helicopter or by helium balloon ride.

Beside this, visitors must see the main attraction of Niagara Falls, they are-

  1. Cave of the winds
  2. The Niagara George Discovery Centre
  3. Maid of the mist
  4. Aquarium if Niagara
  5. Whirlpool tours
  6. Niagara Scenic trolley
  7. Niagara Adventure theater

To reach here, Buffalo-Niagara International Airport is the best way to land in your destination by air. These flights are available all over the United States. By train, tourist can reach through Niagara Falls station which runs daily from the New York City and the Maple Leaf from Toronto.

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