How to Check for iOS version on iPhone

In this guide check out how to check for iOS version on iPhone (iPhone X, iPhone 8, 6, 5S, SE, 5C, 5, 4S, 4).

iPhone from the very beginning has created a stir. It is known for its various features, and also for its supporting system iOS which is famous all over the world. like every software, this too needs to be updated from time to time. There are different iOS versions, which at times people want to update and at times they don’t. But the most frequent thing that people want to know is how to check the iOS versions on their iPhone.

Check for iOS version on iPhone

The system that operates on your phone is the reason all the applications run on your phone. And to fix certain errors and bugs Apple lets you update the version of the software that you already have and have used. But not everyone knows the version of iOS that is there in their phone.

Hence if you want to know that, follow a few simple steps and get to know that. The instructions are as follows-

  • Take your iPhone and tap the ‘Setting‘ app on your phone.
  • General‘ is what you should type Next.
  • Next is ‘About‘.
  • You need to scroll down your iPhone screen and you can do that by placing a finger at the bottom of your screen and then moving the finger upwards.
  • Keep checking the left side of your screen and eventually, you will see that the version of the operating system that you have will appear there.
  • The exact version of the device, on which your iPhone has been running throughout, will appear on the ride side of ‘Version‘.

Hence your job is done.