Prepare Yourself for Your Child’s School Admission with These 6 Steps

As a parent, getting your child into a good school is probably one of the most stressful things. With the rising competition for seats in your desired school, staying ready ahead of time is a must before the admission season begins. If you are searching for school admission in Noida, remember that you need to keep calm and avoid over-stressing, as all this may lead to unnecessary chaos.

When we think of our child’s education, you, as a parent, may have a lot of questions in mind: ‘At what age should your child start going to school? When do the admissions start? What will the admission process include?’ Make sure to take one step at a time, and you surely will get your child admitted into the right school. While you are at it, consider reputable schools like Genesis Global School, if you are looking for school admission in Noida.

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It is essential to tick one box at a time during school admission in Noida, so here are a few steps you must not miss out on:

Step 1: Know If Your Child Is Ready for School or Not

Most parents hurry to admit their child to a school as soon as possible. No one knows your child better than you do, so if your child isn’t ready, enrolling him in school too early can do more harm than good to him. Moreover, most schools in India also have a minimum age requirement, including school admissions in Noida; so, make sure that your child is of the right age to get an admission. CBSE schools don’t admit any student below 3 years for the Nursery class and the age requirements is set accordingly for each class.

Step2: Pick A School

Picking a suitable school for your child is the most crucial step in the process of getting a school admission in Noida. You need to consider various factors while deciding the appropriate school for your child. Some of the essential factors include – the distance from home, transportation facilities, fees, the medium of instruction, activities, curriculum, reputation, infrastructure and teacher-student ratio are just some of the factors you should keep in mind.

Step 3: Research About the Admission Process

Research is key to successful planning for school admission in Noida. Make sure that you speak with parents of existing students to find out more about the admission process. In case the process includes assessments such as aptitude tests, you can ask other parents about the kind of questions that might be asked. You can even call the school to gain some clarity and clear all your doubts before getting into the admissions procedure.

Step 4: Work on Your Child’s Communication

If the school interviews the child before admission, it is crucial that he/she has strong communication skills. Try not to hold back your child from asking questions as curiosity is seen as a good sign. Encourage them to do things such as answering the phone and making conversations. The more your child speaks, the more they will be able to express during the admission interview.

Step 5: Visit the School

Visiting the school is of the utmost importance when it comes to school admission in Noida. Find out all there is to know about the admission procedure to be mentally prepared. The information can make both you and your child focus on a handful of crucial topics by acquiring targeted knowledge. Sit down with the school’s faculty, ask what you have in mind and make a prudent decision with no doubts in mind.

Once you finalize a few schools, take your child with you to visit the school.

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Less Stress and More Confidence

It is rightly said that children learn from their elders, and the admission time is the ideal time to make them see how things can be handled calmly. Maintain your composure and begin looking for school admission in Noida with full determination and faith. Reputable schools like Genesis Global School offer their help during these times by addressing admission related inquiries online and giving a virtual tour for parents. So, make sure to explore the school’s website and make a wise decision.