How to Backup WeChat History & Restore Procedure


Check on how you can take WeChat backup. Also find guide to restore WeChat History on Android/Windows/iPhone/iPad & BlackBerry Phones.

Just like social network, there exist many cross-platform chat applications. Thanks to increase popularity of WhatApps, WeChat & Line apps have been launched with TV Commercial promotion gaining them quick popularity. We will go through WeChat application different tips and tricks on our Advices Academy blog.WeChat

Here in this guide we go through guide on how you can backup WeChat history and also step to restore the earlier backup taken. Backup is quite important if you moving from one phone to another and also helpful when upgrading to latest version of software on your phone. This guide applies for all Android phones, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Nokia phones.

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How to Backup WeChat History

  • Open WeChat app on your phone.
  • Then tap on Settings.
  • Now tap on General and then click on Chat History BackupWeChat Settings
  • Now select Backup to backup the chat history. Your phone will back up your chat history to the server for 7 days. So after 7 days chat history backup is deleted.WeChat Backup

So the backup is completed. For regular user we advise to back it up every 7th day as server backup is deleted weekly. This video explains how you can take WeChat backup –

How to Restore WeChat History

Follow the instructions to restore the backup –

  • Make sure you have earlier taken backup.
  • Now open WeChat on your phone.
  • Then tap on Settings.
  • Now tap on General and then click on Chat History Backup.WeChat Settings
  • Now tap on Restore and it will automatically backup which is present on the server.WeChat History Restore
  • That will backup all chat history on We Chat.

Do let us know if you face any issues on WeChat.


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  1. rosse says

    I clear my data on weechat and now all my conversations gone.i didnt even backup my chats…help me how to restore my chats because i try tu restore but it didnt appear and said ‘you dont have any history’ uwaaaaa help me…

  2. Danny says

    Now with new wechat ver. 6.0, the backup/restore button has been moved to “chat” instead of “general”. It took me quite some time to find it.

  3. James says

    Hi, I have backuped my Wechat history on another device and but after restore to a new device, the wechat history does not shown up on this device. I have tried several times. Anything you can help?

  4. Chris says

    I was changing from iPhone 4 to iPhone6. I did an encrypted phone backup in iTunes and transferred that to the new iPhone. When I opened we chat all my chats were still there. But unfortunately the custom stickers do not work anymore.
    Is there a way to copy the copy stickers?

  5. says

    Hey, could anyone tell me why i couldn’t see my previous msg after done restore and merging.
    I backup from my iPhone and restore to my samsung phone.

  6. Desmond says

    Hi I tried to back up my chat history and it gets to 99% and just stays there. I have to cancel after a long period of time.
    So no back up. I have tried to back up chat history many times but only goes to 99%
    What must I do so I can go to 100%

      • Rajesh says

        Hi I want to recover my all chat history unfortunately I didn’t backup my history so kindly help me to recover the data do you have. Any way for recovery

          • barbie says

            How about blackberry q10? Can’t see any back up or restore settings there. Even the chat option in settings.

  7. Franco says

    I bought a new note 3 and wanted to restore my wechat history from the old blackberry torch 9800. Sadly, I have tried all mean to find the “chat history backup” button but it seems never appear on my blackberry wechat setting. In this instance, does anyone knows how should I do to get the history migrated from 9800 to note 3. Would very much appreciate your soonest advice. Thanks


  8. Herman Tan says

    I try to restore my wechat chat history but the merging part keep waiting for 2 days, so if anything I can do to retrieve back my chat history??

  9. Adam says

    come on weechat… give us what we all want…..




  10. joyce says

    I set a password for my wechat during the backup but when I wanted to restore the history in my new phone it says my password is invalid. what can I do?

  11. grisel garcia botes says

    I had wechat on my blackberry torch but it freezed so I pressed the restore key ..from that moment I can’t access wechat??? I now have a galaxys4 and when I try open wechat it says “unfortunately find friend finders stopped.
    What xan I do how can I get back into my account?

  12. Salma says

    Hello I Delete my wechat 1 hour ago and I’m installing it again but all of my chats are deleted what can I do??pleaaaseeee help meeee I want my Chats baaaackkkk

    • carol says

      Salma, I had similar problem 2 days ago. I lost wechat history after installation. Did you manage to recover your chats? it appears that the server delete history every week. I’m hoping against hope that prior versions are still available.

  13. Sepideh says

    If I backup my chat history,can i restore it after i reinstall the wechat? Please help me i should reinstall my wechat and i’m worried about my chat history.

    • k2point0 says

      Yes, you can do it. But ensure that re-install WeChat and Restore the backup within 7 days.

      Go ahead! It will work fine.

  14. Jeff says

    Hi, try to migrate chat history from Android phone to a windows 8 phone.

    I can backup chat on Android, and restore on Android do see the backup. When login to windows phone, all the contacts are there, but it doesn’t show previous backup when try to restore.

    any advise?


    • k2point0 says

      I am sorry but the Chat history backup can be restored to same device that you were using. It doesn’t help in migrating from one phone to another. Moreover the backup is not downloadeable as its stored on WeChat servers.

      • Jeff says

        Thanks for your reply, k2point0.

        In this case, I am stuck with that phone, right? Is there a way to export chats to a plain text file?


  15. Alia qistina says

    I accidentally deleted my chat history. And i didn’t set up the backup earlier. Is there any other way to restore my chat history? :(

    • Advices Academy says

      Sadly WeChat doesn’t allow to get a copy of backup to store, instead backup is stored on their server and deleted after 7 days.

      • kevin says

        hello i delete my wechat and i install it back again but i lost my chat..can you tell me how to recovery my chat history without backup,because i no backup it before i delete
        ….must it have backup?

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